Jill Schiefelbein

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Videos about communication topics, including public speaking, speech organization, public speaking delivery skills, workplace communication and mediated communication and speaking. Impromptu Guru is proud to present "60 Second Guru" ... a series of 52 videos that will allow you to improve your communication in 60 seconds or less! To sign up for email notifications, visit impromptuguru.com. Communication is everywhere, but do you know how to effectively communicate? Impromptu Guru is a company whose focus is to make you a more effective communicator. Whether you’re communicating to an audience of one or an audience of thousands, understanding how to capture your audience’s attention, deliver a dynamic message, and present yourself with confidence are integral skills in today’s competitive marketplace. Let Impromptu Guru help you increase your confidence as a communicator and get you ready to meet your next public speaking challenge head-on.


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