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Congress is a Retirement Home For Old White Men & That Has to Change. There are two categories of Republicans in Congress: those who will burn down the House to protect trump, and those who will stand mute while they do it. Congress is really old. Should we do something about that? Those awaiting an infusion of youth may have to be patient. Earlier this month, 84-year-old Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein said she would seek reelection. Meanwhile, the oldest Republican, Chuck Grassley, will be 89 when his current term ends in 2022. At the start of this term, the Senate had 25 members with at least seven decades of life experience. And while both parties have their share of septuagenarians, there is a clear difference when it comes to leadership. Republicans have promoted a number of fresh faces, including 47-year-old House Speaker Paul Ryan, while virtually the entire cast of Democratic congressional leaders are over 65. Even leaving Alzheimer’s aside, there are other conditions that


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