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Hi! My name is Bryson and I am an amateur animator. On this channel i’ll be making funny animations about my life and stories I have! Please enjoy! I use Adobe Animate cc to animate and I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. I used to draw with a Bamboo tablet but I recently upgraded to the Gaomon PD 1560 Tablet. I record with the audio technica AT 2020. Wanna send fan art? Great! Just tag me on Twitter with your art or send it to my email: fanartforbryson@gmail.com if you do send fan art, make sure to specify how you want to be credited (or I’ll have to guess). I can’t show every fan art I get so I just choose which ones I like. (Sorry if yours doesn’t show up :/) Don't ask me to give you a shoutout and if you ask to collab and I don't respond, then that means I’m too busy. Thank you so much for all the support! social media: (if its not listed here then I do not have it) heres my twitter: @Haminations My instagram (that I’ll hardly be using :/): @haminations_official


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