Er. Piyush Pandey Trainer B.Tech, MBA

Joined: Jan ,2013
Er.Piyush Pandey(B.Tech,MBA) Business Communication Skills & Personality Development Trainer. I am a post graduate Engineer & a communication skills trainer. I have been training organizations in various acpects of communication skills to make them confident enough to face the ever changing profesdional world. I am also.about to launch my first book on Communication Skills also very soon. I have trained people in almost all aspects of Communication that includes, Presentations Group Discussions Listening Skills Media Management & Press Release Negotiations Meetings Assertiveness Self Recognition Body Language & Gestures Writing Skills Channels & Methods of Communication Telephonic Conversation Barriers To Communication 7 C's of Communication Feedback Skills Ethical Communication Grapevine Informal Communication Humor in Communication E Mail Correspondence Resume Writing Interviews Business Letters Para Language Colour & Sign Language Business Circulars Business Letters & Meetings


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