David Schlotthauer

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Hello you guys i'm David Schlotthauer and I live in California. I have been a Meteorologist for 15 years now and i plan on finding a job at a News station around the Bay area. The reason why i got into loving the weather so mush is the weather is constantly changing from Day to day. I own 3 weather Stations, the Davis Vantage Vue, the Weather Observer, and the Acurite weather station. The thing that fascinates me the best is looking at a satellite imagery and seeing the weather in motion and seeing clouds build up. If you love learning about weather, Getting the latest weather updates for your general area, and Extreme updates such as Nor'esters, Severe weather, Winter storms and, Hurricanes, Your at the right channel to learning all kinds of weather + Getting weather updates from the West coast to the East coast. I will also provide you with Astronautical events such as Solar eclipses, Planetary transits, and Lunar eclipses. I will also provide with time lapse videos.


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