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ADD COACH ACADEMY -- ADHD COACHING The ADD Coach Academy is the Global Leader in ADHD Coach Training and Education. info@addca.com ADDCA is an internationally known and respected ADHD coach training program. We provide the most effective ADHD coach training available anywhere. Our coaching philosophy emphasizes that people with ADHD aren't broken, or "less than" anyone else. ADHD is not an excuse for poor concentration or impulsiveness; it is an explanation of what gets in their way but also makes them unique. It focuses on paying attention to what they uniquely can do rather than being stuck on what they can't do. Our ADHD coach training programs are perfect for: • Those interested in becoming an ADHD coach as a new profession • Those interested in learning more about how to better manage their own ADHD or that of a loved one. We have a reputation of consistently graduating the largest and most respected group of ADHD coaches in the world.


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