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All your Star Wars needs: Fan Fictions, Comic, BIG Contests, Lore, Expanded Universe, and movies brought to your screen every single day. AT LEAST ONE NEW VIDEO EVERY SINGLE DAY and one LARGE prize giveaway every month. Avid Star Wars watcher, enthusiast, collector and fan since I was first introduced to the original saga by my father when I was 6 years old. At 27 now, that's over 20 years of being STRONG with the force. This is truly a passion of mine and something I hold close to my heart, I hope that's evident with the time, and passion I pour into my channel. It goes far beyond having a "big" YouTube channel. It's YOU who makes this all possible. Without you believing in me, I'm just a man behind the curtain. I promise to bring you the best Star Wars related content that I can, with a few jokes along the way and crazy fan-voted Fan-Fictions. Welcome home everyone! MYTFBWY! (may the force be with you) Logo by SilasK Designs


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