Brett Baughman

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Life Coaching, Online Life Coaching, Las Vegas Life Coach, Business Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Therapy, Become a Life Coach, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Addition, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Anger Management, Motivation, Sales training, "Life Coaching Tips" "Life Coaching Training" Expert Life Coach, Brett Baughman teaches you how to become The Ideal You® through easy to understand and fun exercises. Discover how to remove limiting beliefs and negative emotions that effect the quality of your life. Brett will share expert techniques with you to overcome anxiety, stress, depression, anger and more. He will help you develop new behaviors to create success and happiness in your personal life and business. Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Tweet me: https://twitter.com/brettbaughman or email: info@mtmlifecoaching.com Master the Masses™ was created by Brett Baughman in 2014 to offer expert advice & coaching to the masses that's affordable, fun & virtual.


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