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Subscribe to Dee'Tox Life Coaching and Make sure your Notification Button is ON!- This is an evolved Channel full of love and positive vibes mixed with realness! This is a page that everyone in some form or fashion can relate to! The world needs more unconditional love and hope. I am all about positive energy, motivation, inspiration, love and healing. In order to understand self-love, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves. We all should love and be loved. I believe that if you heal from the wounds of hurt that has held you hostage, you can feel love and find that there is so much beauty in life. Everyone deserves true happiness and to live the life they have always imagined. Follow me as we journey through real topics that arise in life to help you find who you really are. By understanding the root of your hurt, you can then begin healing and moving forward, leading you to a happy and fulfilled life!! Let me help you Heal into a Happy Life! Dee'Tox


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