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All new content is published on Saturdays at 9 a.m. (Pacific). When I have product reviews, they will publish on the hour(s) prior to the featured content. The schedule below outlines what I am shooting for content-wise each month. I strongly encourage you to "ring the bell" so that you will be informed of any unscheduled bonus content or impromptu live streams that happen. 1st Saturday of the month: Podcast 2nd Saturday of the month: Layout Tours* 3rd Saturday of the month: Chasing Trains* or John's Models 4th Saturday of the month: Model Railroading 101 or Model Railroading with Jack Burgess 5th Saturday of the month: Wildcard *when available SPAM NOTICE: If you try to promote your channel or website here, your comments get flagged automatically by YouTube and you will be blocked. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All content in this YouTube channel is protected by copyright law and may NOT be used without prior written consent from TSG Multimedia. www.tsgmultimedia.com


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