Rosie O'Kelly

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Hi everyone! My name is Rosie and I enjoy sharing my life with you, here in Northern California. I do redneck stuff, from making my own whiskey, to repairin' crap, shootin guns, and chillin out with my Missy Jenn and friends. Yeah, we get our drunk on so you never know what you'll see! Please subscribe and enjoy my multiple daily up-loads. Thanks! Our Rancho Mailing Address: Rancho de Rosie & Jenn, P.O. Box 8457, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 ATTENTION: Use of any still images, video outtakes, rebroadcasting or re-transmission of any or all of the video, as well as video soundtracks, and pictorial content on this page is strictly prohibited without expression written permission. Any such violations, or deemed violations, will be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent permissible under national and international intellectual and commercial property laws and statues. All material herewith and included as content is hereby copyright protected.


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