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Welcome to my channel, this channel is all about my personal journeys and everyday errands in the Philippines and some abroad. I am not enrolled at any youtube monetize video programs so this is just purely for fun. Pinoy Joyride – Philippine Joyride videos, I usually use the joyride series name to my highway videos and it is full of commentaries and signages. Drive Trip!! Philippines – featuring the inner streets of the Philippines with some road names and guides. Infrastructure updates – not a regular in my channel but due to public demand I decided to somehow at my capacity to update the said road infra works. Kalye - Special series... no music no speeding up of video. Just the sound of the engine and the ambient sound of inside the car Journeys around the Philippine videos – some personal touch videos. Enjoy life and set aside bitterness! Life is short and most of all have a safe journey ahead! Its more fun in the Philippines! Started doing this hobby since 2007


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