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Hello there and welcome to my luxury travel vlog & blog! I am not part of the travel industry. I am a doctor who has two passions: my work and travel. And I only like the best of the best. My blog & vlog aim to be a reference source for fellow travelers with the same spirit. There is an avalanche of travel reviews out there, that can inspire the demanding traveler but also cause a lot of frustration and confusion. I filter all that information into this blog/vlog about luxury travel, based on my own 20 years long (and ongoing) experience of traveling around the world. Each week, I upload one new (flight or hotel) clip about my travels around the world. You can also subscribe to my travel blog (3 newsletters per week) using this link: http://wp.me/P4d1XU-5J. - Inspiration on Monday: top 10 travel lists. - Trip reports on Wednesday: reviews of luxury hotels & flights. - Travel facts on Friday: luxury travel news, series, competitions and tips (for luxury travel on budget).


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