Shawn Woods

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Hi, My name is Shawn Woods and welcome to my channel. I started posting videos on YouTube 6 years ago as a fun way to share my passions for history, primitive archery, flintknapping, survival skills, hunting, heirloom gardening, cooking, and a variety of other subjects. Less than a year ago the direction of my channel completely shifted when I accidentally discovered people enjoy watching videos about mouse traps. In response I began posting a new mouse trap video every Monday and since then my channel exploded with over 100 million views in the past 10 months. Currently my video posting schedule is 1 live catch trap videos on Friday and Saturday and 1 lethal trap videos on Sunday and Monday. You can also view my videos early on my website through a private link before they are available to the YouTube public : https://new.mousetrapmonday.com/category/mousetrap/ Thank you so much for your support.


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