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Life coaching is about making positive and effective changes in your life; it's a resource, a tool for you to use to achieve those things that matter to you. As a life coach, I know that the feeling of fulfilment is one of the key areas that people come to me for life coaching. When our lives are filled with stresses and pressures from all directions, with demands and expectations, the desire to achieve, perform and succeed, we often miss the obvious: the recognition of what we have and the ability to enjoy where we are in our lives. When we perceive life as anything less than fulfilling we lose a lot of the internal sense of peace and well being, and as a result we enjoy our lives a lot less. Take the time to work out and know for yourself your own personal equation for fulfilment and you will find that you feel clearer, freer and happier overall. Life coaching is one of many tools that you can use to change those old language and behaviour patterns.


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