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Welcome to the bright side of YouTube! We're promoting music labels and artists all over the world, associated with reggae, jungle and drum and bass sound. Our channel is the biggest one of its kind. This is the right place to get your daily dose of fresh tunes. Every month we're making at least one promo mix which you can listen to in the background while you're doing your work. We take our responsibility very seriously, every single video has appropriate description, including links for buying and all information regarding label and involved artists. We prefer to share full tunes (free downloadable) or 3 minutes long clips in 192 kbps. We understand that a lot of people rip directly from YouTube, but we would like to support the creators in the best way we can. If they stop , we stop, and what you gonna get then? Feel free to contact us on e-mail, facebook or soundcloud : https://facebook.com/faXcooLHD https://soundcloud.com/faXcooL Big up. © faXcooL


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