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FunScienceDemos has an engaging science demonstration for every important idea a young learner should know! We deliver over 10,000 science lessons, based on Next Generation Science Standards, to the world, every day! We want young science students to see the Big Idea behind each demonstration. Videos can be used as stand alone presentations or a professional development platform for teachers. Categories include; PHYSICAL SCIENCE (Matter, Motion/Forces, Energy, Sound, and Light), EARTH/SPACE SCIENCE (Weather, Rocks, Our Solar System, Water on Earth, and The Changing Surface of the Earth), and LIFE SCIENCE (Organisms, Habitats, Life Cycles, Recyclers, The Human Body). We also feature ENGINEERING IDEAS & more in our PRACTICE OF SCIENCE section. Produced by Dr. George Mehler (gmehler@temple.edu) of Temple University and Jared Hottenstein of the Central Bucks School District. Twitter: @FunScienceDemos Like us on Facebook! https://bit.ly/2JHEFu0


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