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We make songs and skits for video games! Like and Subscribe to us! Check out our music on iTunes too! ************************************** Can you use our music? The answer is yes you can. BUT here are the requirements: You MUST put our name in the video title if the song is used for more than 60% of the video You MUST put a link to our channel in the video description You MUST put a store link to the song(s) used in the video description You CANNOT make money using our songs as they are protected in YouTube’s Content ID system, this is non-negotiable You CANNOT upload lists or compilations of our music either If you do try and monetize a song of ours you will get an ID Claim. Do not worry, this is not a strike on your channel. If you are a YouTuber (of 100,000 subs or more) and you want to use the music, we will consider giving clearance, but not just because. Come to us with something in mind.


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