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I like memes FAQ: - grande1899 is my second channel (used to be my main even). - I use Vegas Pro for video editing, and FL Studio for most audio / music editing. - I learned most of my editing skills on my own and from the internet. - You can use any of my work in your own vids, just please try to give me credit if you do. You can even reupload my memes as is on other social media sites (but NOT on Youtube itself) as long as you give me proper credit. If it's on FB credit my FB page, if it's on Twitter credit my Twitter, if it's on IG credit my IG (all linked below). For anywhere else you can link my YT channel. - Yes I am actually a medical doctor. - Witcher 3 best game. - I do play those note blocks nicely. Btw if you want to contact me it's better to send me an email instead of a Youtube message. Banner art by @cyanstina


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