Garrett Watts

Joined: May ,2012
My name is Garrett Watts & I just wanna make cool things for you. I love so many things about this world & I just want to share those things with you. Plain and simple, because at risk of sounding like a 4th grade teacher named Suzanne; Life is fundamentally fun & fascinating. No matter what I do on this channel, my videos will always reflect that belief. Sometimes I have my friends challenge me to combine gross foods on my show "Will It Combo?". Sometimes I'm learning how to create cheap costumes for my series "Dollar Store Cosplay". Sometimes I share insane facts, life hacks, lists, nerdy things or my favorite video games & movies. Sometimes I travel to odd places on the cheap & share my travel tips! I don't care about fame, numbers or ego. I just wanna have a great time with you, and my #1 favorite aspect of my channel is interacting with you! I want to know YOU, so talk to me! Thank you, and I hope you have as much fun watching my videos as I have making them for you.


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