Jane Tande

Joined: Oct ,2016
I am a proud, Deplorable American Constitutionalist!! I'm just not so proud of America's actions. I lifted the lid on this rabbit hole and jumped right in. I was blissfully ignorant for years, happy to live my life believing what our corrupt & fraudulent leaders were telling us, via our corrupt, mainstream media. I was unaware my reality, was in fact, their matrix. I am most proud that ignorant bliss, is dead. I have spent this past year researching one topic after another. That research, led me right to the monumental threat to humanity's existence, the general public know as chemtrails and geoengineering. I am fully ready for this battle, bring it on you reptilian Luciferian worshipping elites, bring it on! Much love & light to all fellow Deplorable's and everyone out there, helping to save our Constitution and our Republic AND humanity!


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