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The 3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League features exciting downhill road course racing action on a completely open Hot Wheels Fat Track. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. A random drawing is held at the beginning of each tournament. Want to send in a car? You can mail your cars to the address below. When your car races, your name will be displayed as a sponsor for that car. We'll also do an initial car haul video when it arrives. Racing league cars must be stock. [There are no rules for Kind of the Mountain Customs. They just need to be able to fit on orange track] Cars will NOT be returned as they will become part of the Racing League to be used in future events. It may be a while before your car races depending on the tournament schedule. Upcoming tournaments: MOPAR (FULL) 2019 Season: 1. FTE 2. JDM 3. British Vehicles 4. German Vehicles Adriel Johnson PO Box 108 Livingston, CA 95334


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