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Subscribe For Aviation Video's! ⇩https://www.youtube.com/channel/bullbosphorus⇩ Welcome To The Flight Sim World Of BullBosphorus! I'am A Great Aviation Lover. My Channel Is Unique Because I Do The Next Things On This Channel: -Flight Sim Livestreaming -Flight Sim Tutorials (Simulating Actual Plane Crashes from real world, this part is the hardest part. People can respond with disbelief. It seems mean, but it is not. it is only a reconstruction to indicate how the planes crashing. Be warned! subscribe to the channel if you can handle to see crashing planes!) -Real Aviation Video's (Plane Spotting From Real World, camera Nikon P900) It's All About Aviation! If You Are A Real Aviation Lover You're On The Right Channel To Follow. Just Hit The Subscribe Button To Follow Me And Turn On The Notifications To Get Instant Messages. And Destroy The Like Button Buddy Have A Nice Flight!


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