Robert De Niro opens up about Trump People's Court - SNL 1 month ago   10:45

In an interview with CNN's Hala Gorani, actor Robert De Niro opens up about his feud with President Donald Trump and his role as Special Counsel Robert Mueller on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

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Truth is... America is the laughing stock and joke nation of the world.. With or without Trump.
God bless our wars for profit and God bless our war of terror domestic and abroad!
Robert Townsend
If DeNiro hasn't a script in front of him he can hardly put two words together.
More garbage from CNN "Stupid meets Stupider"
John Cunningham
Trump's insults like "low IQ individual" are really disgusting terrible and evil. I really don't know how anyone could call themselves a "christian" when following the Satanic commandment of "you shall destroy your detractors by any means you desire".
What a disgusting person this president is, and what an incredible distraction from what we should be really talking about.
Soil Builder Grower
Vote Republican conservative leadership in the United States of America. Build the Wall of the United States southern broader.
Soil Builder Grower
Hollywood actors are stupid idiots. He is dumbass Donkey LoL
Soil Builder Grower
Hollywood is basically broken LoL
Soil Builder Grower
This is stupid news on CNN, why he is not even a good actor.
Llewellyn Green
What trash !!! I hate ,this guy now. President Trump is the best President we have had.Go to hell 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
The Angry Bass
Gee; I don't recall President Trump being best buddies with a serial rapist.....
Stevan Tammy
Dementia is setting in. This old man needs to go away.
A.J Galecki
"I hate when celebrities with no business in politics get on a public stage and spout nonsense! MAGA!"
*the reality TV host of the Apprentice who poops on a golden toilet in his Manhattan penthouse and sleeps with strippers runs for President*
"This guy, this guy is our champion."
Btflbrxgrl 1inNY
Looooove him💞☝🌟 #1andOnlyICON
steven orr
her voice does my head in
De Niro the Jerkoff.
deborah scott
Only he can stand up to the blow hard trump et. Who is full of nothing but hot air.😎
Bob Corso
De Nero sounds like an idiot. What a bunch of small minded remarks. And he's never even met Trump. What a Jerk!
Captive Exile
To Robert De Niro: I have a present for you and please take out a full page ad in the NYT with these MOST IMPORTANT VERSES from the Holy Bible (the book Trump was sworn in on):
1) ISAIAH 44:8, God said he "Knows NO ROCK --- NOT ONE" (related: Isaiah 8:14-17, 50:10, Deuteronomy 32:31*, 37*, Jeremiah 23:29,"God's Word crushes rock to powder", and esp. words of Jesus, Mt. 7:9*-12, 20*, would a father be so cruel as to give his son a STONE if the boy asked him for bread?" also: "By their deeds you'll know those wolves dressed as sheep).
2) ISAIAH 5:18-21 & Amos 5:18-20 + Amos 8:9, the "Day of the Lord" is darkness--not light! Someone "wise in his own eyes" has obviously "jumped to the wrong conclusion" Psalm 73 describes that proud man whose tongue "struts through the heavens" as if he owned them!
(related: Isaiah 50:10, 1st John 1:5, "there is no darkness in God" + Habakkuk 1:13, 2:14-17,
Psalm 11 "wicked shoot arrows in the DARK", Jeremiah 5:1-12* They LIED about God, said he would do "nothing", get it now Reverend? Didn't Trump once say he could commit murder and they (his base) would "DO NOTHING"? Ask him about that --- if you dare!
3) Beware those who blithely discard established TREATIES, for such men are not to be trusted when they make new treaties without consulting with there own people. Read Isaiah 33:7-9 ("Brave men cry aloud in the streets" --- think Syrian street fighters--- and "envoys of peace weep bitter tears". . . and the TREATY IS BROKEN (think Iran?) and "witnesses are despised" (think Michael Cohen) , "highways are deserted, LEBANON is ashamed" and . . .
H O L Y C O W ! SIr! The nations are "burnt to lime"-- just like "thorns set ablaze" OMG, who's good enough to survive that and who wants a "Holy Land" that's RADIOACTIVE and "burns
forever"? (Isaiah 33:13-14). Am I not the first one to warn you of that (read Jeremiah 4:30-31 Isaiah 59:14018*, and Micah 7:7-8* & 13-20).
4) Is it really God's WILL--- to hound the poor and needy immigrant to his DEATH? Can those who "SLAY the BROKEN-IN-HEART" (Psalm 109:16-20) ever have fellowship with GOD up in HEAVEN? (Psalm 94:8-21). Will Trump's base now MURDER ME, an old man, simply because of his inspired WORD? (Jeremiah 23:22*, Psalm 116:11*-15). Truly I am just like a "drunken man" before the Lord...I mean, because of his HOLINESS..and all his HOLY WORDS (Jer.23:9)
5) PS: When I stand in heaven, all those idiot who sought my soul, to devour it, will (literally) be "ASHES UNDER MT FOOT SOLES" (Malachi 3:18 to 4:3*). SHALOM and I hate to inform you but
your TREATY WITH HELL is going to be ANNULLED, DONALD (Isaiah 28:13-18*). God's final JUDGEMENT rushes to completion, and all those wicked who 'shoot arrows in the dark"
(Psalm 11 & Psalm 69:2-19) will be destined for imprisonment in the real hell (Psalm 49), a place where even young lions starve to death!
(PS: GOD is the "bar tender" here, and he's mixing up a special cup of foaming wine even as I type this. When he sets it in front of you and says "DRINK!", why then you have to drink it!
(Jeremiah 25:30-33). In the days to come , you'll understand it CLEARLY (Jeremiah 23:20-22*)
Kenan Dervish
De Niro is either being blackmailed or he has an incredibly low IQ
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Trump People's Court - SNL Robert De Niro opens up about 1 month ago   04:54

It's President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) versus the Ninth Circuit Court judges (Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson) on a new People's Court. [Season 42, 2017]

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