Sentinel & The Mega Mall | The Squad SML Movie: The Fortune Cookies! 1 day ago   03:01

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Tanner as Bunker Jonesy, Anya as Rox, Roach as Stratus, and Caroline as Vega explore Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 Mega Mall, and fight with the combat shotgun, blimps, and drones to defeat Sentinel.Check out this funny animation.

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Sentinel & The Mega Mall | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)
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The Squad created by Chris Durgin
Tanner - Jonah Rashid
Roach - Austin Cook

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The Squad is BACK! How do you like Season 9?
Vega no one cares your back
tiny skills plays
SO glad she is back
Ben Younge
STOP doing promotions they are so annoying
Scool Suck
No ha funcionau
Scool Suck
No ha funcionau
Lil Icee
This was uploaded on my birthday
Guys did u notice when sentenle landed on food they went next to the 'poop room'
qui gon jinn
Roach hacked volcano confirmed
Sara Alani
Could tanner just had picked up the takticlie shotgun from the John wicks
Von Genovea
2:23 Tanner: Even though I'm still team leader.
Roach and Anya: *Leaves Tanner*
Von Genovea
1 like = 1 like for arcadeclouds
Robloxian You-Tuber
F**k those team mate’s
Yoyogamer 122
Squads season 3
Antonio Valmaseda Mira
Pedazo de mierda azlo en español jilipollas
Sansok Ret
New vid plz
Randy Lash
I disagree to slipstreams
Okay siriously. Please do one with Ikonik
Sense Tanner died in this battle royale does that mean it will just be those three in the next one
Fortnite Account
Instead of running like every episode their sitting down for a change in the beginning
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SML Movie: The Fortune Cookies! Sentinel & The Mega Mall | The Squad 1 day ago   12:05