Donald Trump speaks about Trump: We have kept our promise 1 day ago   1:25:44

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Meanwhile our Canadian government decides to subsidize the farmers that's the way they think about making a deal so sad
No clue reporters omg. So sad.. no one has a clue how a billionaire thinks like trump,. I wish he was our leader to put our county first.
Roving Roller
crap deal for farmers - doesn’t he think we can do the maths. Just cut the crap on this you weren’t going to get everything be honest and tell everyone what you will do about it. Without this your the same as the rest of the pile of shit politicians.
God Bless Trump!
Aimmie Hauer
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Trump: We have kept our promise Donald Trump speaks about 1 day ago   07:27

President Donald Trump on the new trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.