Once Homeless, San Diego Teen Tipping Servers $200 1 day ago   05:02

Thousands of people in San Diego County are working and going to school, hoping that pursuing higher education will pay off in the future. KPBS education reporter Kyla Calvert brings us the story of one such student, whose particularly tough road to a degree just got easier.

Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2013/feb/26/car-eases-road-degree-san-diego-teen/

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This young man truly deserved this and I wish him every success in the future. Also Caliber need a big round of applause for the great work they are doing. Need more companies like this giving people a hand up instead of just being in business to make money for themselves.
Jimmy James
I lost my homelife at 15 when my Successful Mother started trying to commit suicide and stayed in Kellogg and Charter Grove...  I became homeless when I was 18 and most of my Distant Relatives were really well off, but I had always been taught not to expect something from anyone, so I worked for $3.35 an hour and couldn't afford a place to live...  How's an 18 year old going to pay for a house or rent in Southern California?
Jimmy James
I started as a homeless 18 and 19 year old, but I hid that fact as it was so embarrassing... I would have people I worked with drop me off out in front of my Aunt's House as if I lived there and then I would walk to where I actually slept outside....
my dad works as caliber 😂 funny
Diana Brantley
Yes, it's a sign that God is watching over you. I hope and pray for you that your dreams come true. The best of wishes and my prayers go out for you. Thank you Jesus. Amen !!!
Rock on man, you deserve it.
James Jordan
this is what our country needs to be doing more of.
Screw the candidates we will do it ourselves.
Daniyal S.
2 M-Z
Brace your self Polacio. Donald Trump is coming! #FuckTrump
Faith Musings
Baby Boo
God Bless him he really deserved it, this just shows what one can do if they want to make it in life.
my amigo played right lol
Constructive Critique
He kinda looks like The Zodiac Killer, Richard Ramirez.
Fahad Alsari
I actullay saw this guy at smash burger!
Jay Rem
This guy deserves it
Jorge Valadez
why does he have a prealgebra book?
Wonderful story
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Tipping Servers $200 Once Homeless, San Diego Teen 1 day ago   02:24

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