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President Trump welcomes Polish President Andrzej Duda to the White House. The two leaders will hold a joint news conference following their expanded working lunch and signing ceremony.

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Grande Polonia. USA - YES, iSRAEL - NO.
Marian Tudor
LIVE MENS ⁹❤♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
B. Lipkowitz
DON'T SLEEP! Using the term 'Polish death camp' is now punishable by up to three years in prison.
Auschwitz. Treblinka. The Warsaw Ghetto. During World War II, Poland became the epicenter of the Nazis’ crimes—but soon, implying that those crimes were committed by the Polish state will itself be a crime. A controversial new law in Poland makes it illegal to accuse the nation of being complicit with Nazi crimes like the Holocaust. It also outlaws the phrase “Polish death camps.” Both are punishable by prison sentences of up to three years.
donge burdwell
At 35:12 President of Poland explains how they had to drain the swamp of deep-state communist holdouts -- obama learned that trick of loading the government up with statist/elitist from the communist.
Captain Crunch
Didn't the cops of this city just a hold a black woman and her baby at gun point for stealing a toy at a dollar store ?🤔. Probably vote for Trump also well.
The attack of Nazi Germany on Poland took place on September 1, 1939. At 4.45 a.m. the fire directed at Westerplatte was started by the battleship Schleswig-Holstein, German troops crossed the Polish border and German planes bombarded the country. The direct pretext for the German attack on Poland was a fake attack of Polish insurgents on the German radio station in Gliwice.That the Germans have accused Polen of when they have done it themselves to have an excuse. The border struggle lasted three days and ended with breaking the resistance of the Polish army. The Polish crews on Hel, Puck and Gdynia defended themselves most severely. The majority of the Polish fleet sailed to Great Britain. The Modlin Army near Mlawa and the Łódź Army in the Opatów region were defeated. The Kraków Army and the Carpathian Army, the Modlin Army, the Pomeranian Army, the Łódź Army and the Poznań Army were also forced to retreat. On September 7 Westerplatte capitulated. From 4 to 5 September the evacuation of Polish state institutions from Warsaw began, and on 7 September the commander-in-chief moved his headquarters to Brzeście.The German army was moving towards Warsaw. The Poznań Army commanded by General Tadeusz Kutrzeba attacked the rear of the German army in the area of Łęczyca and Łowicz on September 9th. This attack stopped the German offensive, but it broke down already on September 12th and General Kutrzeba together with the Commander-in-Chief ordered a retreat in the direction of Warsaw. In the middle of September the central and large part of western Poland was occupied by Germany. They committed murders on civilians, such as in Bydgoszcz, where they shot five thousand people. In such a tragic situation, on 17 September, the USSR attacked Poland. It was justified by the need to defend the Belarusian and Ukrainian population exposed to danger on the territory of the Polish state. The West reacted only with protest notes and did not take any other concrete action.
From 17 to 18 September, the Polish authorities and the army began evacuating to Romania and Hungary. The Polish army operating on the central front was defeated in the battle of Tomaszów Lubelski on 18-20 September, and in the second battle of Tomaszów the northern front units were defeated. The forces of the southern front were defeated in the battle of Lwów, which was occupied by the Red Army on September 22nd. The Red Army was advancing in the direction of the line on the Wisła River established in the Treaty of Ribbentrop-Molotov. On the way it took Grodno and Bialystok.
The capitulation of Warsaw took place on 28 September and Hel on 2 October. From 2 to 5 October the battle of Kock took place, but the battle was lost by the Operational Group Polesie under the command of General Kleeberg.
The September campaign cost the lives of 70,000 Polish soldiers, 300,000 were taken prisoner by the Germans and 180,000 by the Soviets. About 83 thousand Polish soldiers managed to get to Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia. The defeat of the Polish side was determined by the German advantage in every respect - the number of soldiers, armaments and equipment. The losses inflicted by the defending Polish forces in September 1939 had to be made up for by the Germans for a few good months. The Polish resistance ended a series of rapid and conquests and annexations of the Germans.
The Germans also hit Polish culture, closing down Polish universities and secondary schools. They banned the publication of Polish press and changed the names of the cities into German-speaking ones.
Polish society organized secret Polish language teaching for primary school children, as well as classes at the secondary school level. Secret higher education was also organized. Polish society was supported by the Catholic Church, which in various ways engaged in resistance against the occupant. During World War II, it was led by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Cracow, Archbishop Sapieha. Priests in large numbers fell victims to arrests, executions, and sent to concentration camps. An example of heroic attitude was the death of Father Maximilian Kolbe, who sacrificed his life saving his fellow prisoner. Since the Germans banned Polish printing houses and publishing houses, the underground press appeared. Cultural life did not freeze, at that time Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, Tadeusz Gajcy, Czesław Miłosz and others created poetry.
The rest you know from the movie The Unconquered.
After the war with Germany, Poland fell into the hands of Stalin, Polish intelligentsia was murdered, officers and the population was fooled.Every month innocent people were caught and murdered saying they were Western spies.The NKVD equivalent of the German Gestapo and Militia kidnapped young girls and raped them in their headquarters, then nobody heard of them anymore.The communists tried to internationalize Poles, forbid them to speak Polish, think in Polish and do anything in Polish,just as there was a real Polish Home Army during the times of the Germans, so there was a real Polish Home Army during the times of the communists. It was an AK army and partisan troops scattered all over the Polish country.The terror reigned no less than during the time of German occupation, the West gave the Polen to Stalin and his murderers.Poles again fought from the underground and no one or anything could destroy their love to the nation.Finally, the Poles rose up thanks to the Pope, the workers, the shipyard worker and the miners who took to the streets and didn't let themselves be silenced.They didn't have guns, so many Poles were massacred but they won with the communists.
simi kopi
Masons. Nwo
Paying the property of the Jewish heir from Poland yes, but not paying the American Jews inheritance property.And they want from these poor people inheritance property, it does not belong to American Jews from Israel.They do not even know where Poland is, have no family there and never had,the only thing they have in common with Polish Jews is that they're Jewish and they're of Mosaic faith.Just as I as a Pole and a Catholic can say that somewhere in the world a Pole died and there is no family, I as a Pole and a Catholic want his wealth.Give me his fortune because I'm a Pole and a Catholic like him, doesn't matter i am stranger ti him and i am not his family.This is what the American Jews want to do to take what is rightfully Polen, without any honour or gratitude for the fact that Polish country as the only one in the world really cares about them

when German Nazis came.While America and England didn't want to listen to Poles about the German death camps built in Poland.And not the Jews were the first to die at the hands of the Germans, but the Polish intelligence,high-profile figures,musicians, poets, teachers and people who are impaired or crippled, and of course those people who were against nazis.
Then the Jews were the Romanians and all the others.The Poles should be thanked for saving lives while the rest of Europe gave their Jews to the Germans,And now it is said that Poles killed Jews and that these were Polish death camps, not,they were German death camps built on the territory of occupied Poland.And the Poles had nothing to say, they could only die or go underground and fight in an incomparable battle for their country.While America and England were doing good business with each other and Germany or the Russians. It's a historical truth, but they probably don't teach it in American schools and lie to American students.
Marcus Rodriguez
I like Poland now. At least he gets it. MAGA
maciej wrotek
Yeah our president Duda is Dumb enough to buy those f35, it is like USA would sell theirs best " weaapon lol
Владимир Кравчук
Дуда пососал хозяину?)
Monika Romanek
Nonsense. Polish don't want to pay for yankee installation! Go home
Solomon Lee
I salute Poland President for his strong stand against migrants.
Serwis Wiadomości Pl
Prawdziwym celem ideologi Multi Kulti jest głęboka destrukcja i antagonizacja społeczeństwa! A nie tak jak wmawiają nam marksiści: budowanie społeczeństwa wielokulturowego na bazie wzajemnej tolerancji i szacunku! Multikulturalizm to zbrodnicza ideologia komunistyczna którą pierwszy zastosował Józef Stalin w Związku Radzieckim, przesiedlając przymusowo całe narody tak aby stworzyć najbardziej skonfliktowane ze sobą społeczności! Tak więc mówienie o tym że Multikulturalizm się nie sprawdził bo prowadzi do konfliktów społecznych, gwałtów czy krwawych zamachów, świadczy o kompletnej niewiedzy, czemu ta ideologia tak naprawdę służy ,kto? I dlaczego ją stosuje? Angela Merkel jest marksistowską rewolucjonistką, , agentką Sowieckiej delegatury KGB szkoloną do dywersji ideologicznej społeczeństwa! Angela Merkel to komunistyczny zbrodniarz, kat Europy ,oskarżana o ludobójstwo i finansowanie islamskich organizacji terrorystycznych na całym świecie! Powinniśmy upowszechniać w społeczeństwie wiedzę o tym czym jest multikulturalizm. Powinniśmy informować społeczeństwo o tym co tak naprawdę dzieje się w Europie! W Europie trwa krwawa marksistowska rewolucja podczas której rządzący dokonują krwawych pogromów własnych obywateli obarczając odpowiedzialnością muzułmanów!
Emerald Robinson. OAN.
Krzysztof Górecki
Happy Birthday Mr. President. Greetings from Poland.
Renatzki Agab
The Polish Flag is a part of the Star Spangle Banner the white and red stripe that's why Trump's rhetoric of "US-Poland unbreakable bond" is so obvious or just a coincidence in my opinion.
Renatzki Agab
Trump's VIP guest cause they are of the same feather anti-immigrants specially those from middle easterner countries. Hope such friendship will last longer for a better security in Europe. Poland is a strategic country cause its location post as a boundary between two superpower the western and eastern block, Trump would surely support Poland for security. Long live Uncle Sam! as well its democratic cohorts in Europe..
Is Melania gonna do a Pole dance?
Donte Webb
the antichrist is getting ready to be revealed
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