3 TIPS on how to be POSITIVE and HAPPY in life How To Be Positive - The Key To Positive Thinking 6 months ago   08:10

Linda Armstrong
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In this video I speak about how to be positive and happy in life. You absolutely have the ability to shift your vibration to one that allows you to be happy and positive in life.

You can do this at any moment. These 3 tips I speak about are simple ways of how to get happiness in life and bring in more positivity.

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Linda Armstrong
Which of these tips will you start working with to feel more happiness and positivity?
RemainForever Healthy
Great advice Linda
Powerful Questions Coaching
Linda thank you for sharing these tips. So very helpful. You have to own it. You are so right. Beautiful stuff. Judgment is such a hard thing to stop.
Yoga with Christina Joy
Thanks for bringing light to the world! Happiness is totally an inside job!!💕
Balanced to the Core
I love when you say, drop into your heart and you shift the energy around you. SO beautiful. Love these tips. Wonderful video! Just subscribed!
Diana Palm
Great video Linda! I love your meditation link too! It is so freeing to release judgement!
Andrea Nicholson
So true! We have so much more control than we give ourselves credit for! Thanks for the reminder! :)
Terry Runyan
Wonderful Linda!
Katarina H.
I always say that things happen for a reason. Even the negative ones. So, I try to find the reason behind it. Great tips. I love your "happiness is an inside job" quote!
Dal Dhaliwal
Great video Linda. Love the colourful backdrop. My favourite: “Happiness is an inside job. Only you can make yourself happy” This is so true!
Wild Woman Enchanted
yes.. in the other persons shoes... a good one...and companions. always say.. come with passion.. compassion!!! :) Thanks Linda. Great video! ~Elizabeth
James Schultz, Ph.D.
Release judgment...that's what I'm going to work on for sure!
Abbi Winslow
I couldn't agree more that we give our power away all the time without knowing it! Great tips Linda!!
Apollonia Ponti
Giving your power away! Yes! So true. Love your channel.
Jill W. Fox
I think it's so important to figure out what you have learned from the experience or what it is preparing your for.
A Postive outlook is huge!!! Thanks!!!
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How To Be Positive - The Key To Positive Thinking 3 TIPS on how to be POSITIVE and HAPPY in life 6 months ago   06:18

How To Be Positive - The Key To Positive Thinking by FreedomKingdom

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As living creatures, we seek to experience more pleasure and avoid pain. Deep inside, we all just want to be happy and feel good. We need to understand that the reality we see around us is actually the stories we tell ourselves, the way we interpret the world. Different people can experience the same thing but interpret it in million different ways. You can be at a top of a mountain, see an amazing view and think to yourself how wonderful the world is. You can see the same view again, but this time you’re mind is busy thinking about troubles and you wouldn't care about the view, you wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to it. What’s the difference? You were in the same place, saw the exact same view… but you weren’t the same from the inside. Your mindset was different each time, you focused on other things.

Most of the time we can’t see the bigger picture, but if you look back you realize that even situations that seemed really bad back then, led you to positive things. For example, a bad relationship taught you what you should change for the next time, how to behave differently and what kind of things you don’t compromise on in relationships with people. In the long term, those horrible things may turn out to be good, lead us to learn something, change something in our life, go through experiences, take a decision or meet the right people. And that’s the key to positive thinking - things turn out to be completely different than we thought at first, problems turn into opportunities once we just kindly shift our focus.

Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoyed :)
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