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Professor Live
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Special thank you to Court Kingz', Victor and Simon Martinez for making this video possible!

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Mikahy J.
James Harden step back at 3:46 that was hillarious
s0ftsp0t the wise
1 Million dollar move, 5 cent finish
Doge Master
Professor is not a human being!
Kyriakou Sotiris
professor is overrated
Jacob Graves
#12 played great defense on him.
Basketball is an offensive game, even if everyone on the court is playing top notch O and D = its still an offensive game.
#12 almost got that block on the jump shot.
Good effort by him ☑️.

We could stand to see better interior defense tho but maybe that wasnt shown on this short vid.
Ming Han Koh
Why was there a spider man in the back 😂
G.C Fernandez
This is how I see Professor play

He accurately controls the ball at the same time he accurately controlls his body movement

He also confuses others just by mostly faking a move then takes advantage on the open area

Then he just let loose of his style or meaning he just goes crazy when he handles the ball
Ex: 3:11 2:15

And last, he plans ahead
Ex: 7:03

Like if you knwo what I mean or if you actually noticed that too before I even said it
Mid Aquafyed
Honestly everything a side I respect this man so much he’s so humble ive never seen anything like it. Much love bro ! Stay blessed
Sammy Speros
You are amazing wow!
Junior Pros JP
Be in the NBA
When u realise u r too good for everyone 😂
game everyday
You ajould play in the NBA , you would in the hall of fame 💪👌👍
Janice Burton
At 4:34 why do you see a guy in a spider man costume
there's an eminem everywhere
Is there professor related to Jason
Did he play college ball?
wooooaah just stfu
Samuel Stoico
Nice guy but he is too old for that haircut
The DodoCat
If only he played prince
Ari Libby
Crosses the guy, has wide open three, takes and the video cuts. Hmmmm🤔
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CRAZY Ankle Breakers & Poster The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages 3 months ago   04:23

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