Lele Pons Funny Vines TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Twan Kuyper Funny 3 weeks ago   10:43


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Fluffy Red Panda
I like this video
Omg your
If yall dont think this is funny then why the fuck you watching?
Iris Aissi
I love you lele ❤❤❤you are like my sister i am tunisian and my name is iris 😍😍😍😍😍
Diego Perez
Vines are the best
fluuxxmaster347 101
My name is dawson lol ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha
Ale Bosquez
At 9:11 , they should’ve thrown like a knife, or maybe some acid. Because i didn’t find this funny. I think i lost braincells watching this.
Ay Sha
Maritza Granillo
You are my 1 best youtuber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunshine .slimëss
U can tell its in a pool look at 3:43
Lorie With An O
« Funny »
Teresa Curruli
Im du clean up man lol Sophia Curulli
Anna Cachina
Rodrick Heffley
To Lele Pons: Yain’t funny bitch
7:49 is a fake baby
Garbage fire > lele pons
Unicorn Gaming
2:31 that looked like Mackenzie Ziegler
Justin Cloud9
i have never heard of tide pods and bleach until i saw this
jessica pena
I like your vids
Jordan Roman
This isn't vine this is Instagram these vids are like 1 minute long
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TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Twan Kuyper Funny Lele Pons Funny Vines 3 weeks ago   15:06

TRY NOT TO LAUGH - Twan Kuyper Funny Vines & Instagram Videso 2017

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