Trump lays into Corbyn, EXCLUSIVE: Trump cites Nixon, 2 days ago   24:57

Sky News
Donald Trump says he refused to meet with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and called the protests in London 'fake news'.

He refused a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn calling him "somewhat of a negative force".

He told Sky's Beth Rigby: "I really don't like critics."

On the Huawei decision review in the UK saying regardless there would "absolutely [be] an agreement on Huawei".

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Comments 2553 Comments

He just squatted Kahn like a fly.
Dee Glynn
7:17 not true in England
R 55
Yeh amazing beautiful couples
Let's attack Iran 🇮🇷 and controling oil 🛢 and let's make money 💵
What about the death off millions
Ex Machina
It's true that Corbyn is not only negative but detrimental to the UK's future. He spends most of his time sucking up to and collecting votes off the ethnic minorities. He'd have his poorly treated ISIS friend Shamima Begam as our foreign affairs minister if it would give him extra votes. He's just a collector of anti government voters.
England loves TRUMP!!!
Paul and Ancila
USA USA USA Trump is always welcome in the UK and we love our American cousins and special bond which is unlike any other countries. The Americans have always stood by the UK in our hour of need and we have always been side by side at the very front with the US in NATO and world aid alliance proving the lions share after US of maintaining world security freedom and global stability...a huge burden on both our economies and in British and American service men and women's lives who are the best in the world.

I think the future US UK alliance and special relationship can only get stronger as the UK navigates out of the EU. We need to use the US trade as leverage in EU exit talks or just leave fast with no deal and sign that amazing free trade deal with USA the largest and most compatible economy on earth. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for UK only Labour and silly MPs are holding us back but that will change now Brexit Party has majority MEP control and tremendous power I think the next General Election will see many MP's lose their seats especially Lanour and big political changes coming to UK that's my prediction.

Trump honoured us greatly in this visit and speech and was very gracious. He is a solid, straight speaking strong tremendously capable President who came at just the right time for both the US and UK.

God bless America, and all Anericans for their support for UK, and good luck to Trump in the next election. I hope he goes a second term.
Jack Sitch
She looks so painfully uncomfortable...
Razu Duplicate
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Razu Duplicate
Bessha Magir basschara Kanki Magir puwha Basthe Sash Fire The World All Richmen And Doctor Engineer Jorge Medicine Network Fermesy Tui Bessha Magir Jorma Uk Tui kigo Akane Takhos Attack The World Asmaani Qitab nay World Vitor Manob Jati K Tore Ar Bessha Magir Jorma Putin Ay Two Person Basthe Chaile Field Nam Sathe China
Michael Morgan
Bozo oroke. Is every thing negative about socialism. A liar, jealous of those that have ideas,
This country has enough people who still have principle , and a moral compass .
Scot Douglas
Diq Slittington sells rats to a nation of cats.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Judging by the comments, Sky News must be the video equivalent of the Daily Fail.
Jedi solo
Kick out Sadiq first to make UK great again
Trump is an empty vessel
stuart rouse
can't believe that this woman has the bare faced nerve to mention the nerve agent attack......that wasn't the Russians, and the chemical attack in Syria ....that never happened?? but then, I'm not at all surprised that a network like Sky news is covering it? after all, this is as fake as the BBC!? President Trump is the only thing in this farce who has any integrity......go Trump!
yes Khan is a joke, Get Rid of himhes a waste of money, who wants a mayor that alianates foreign trade. ?
He handles those questions like a BOSS. Haters need to get a life.
Eddie Vazquez
"It was a liberation like few people had seen before." Really?? Who were these "few" people who had seen such a liberation of similar scale?? What common culture and history?? German and Scottish?? These people will say anything to feign friendship and camaraderie. Again, we get to see and hear old "bone spurs" Trump talk cacca about the many thousands of people cheering for him. He didn't see the the streets totally filled up with english citizens protesting his mere presence in their country. How could he have not seen them?? it's simple, actually. It doesn't matter how close trump is from any where he's going. He makes his speeches in areas where they only allow supporters such as arenas where only they want to go. Or airport hangars with restricted access. Any slightly significant distances, he travels in helicopters instead of motorcades, to avoid crowds in the streets, so he doesn't have to see the many thousands of citizens who can't stand him.
Working Man
President Trump speaks at 5:21 and 12:12
Jim Halfpenny
Corbyn dangerous hero
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EXCLUSIVE: Trump cites Nixon, Trump lays into Corbyn, 2 days ago   13:25

On "This Week," more headlines from George Stephanopoulos' exclusive interview with President Donald Trump ahead of the ABC primetime special.