Surprising Slurpee Combos Taste Gordon Ramsay's Sausage Hotpot 6 months ago   10:10

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We're trying out different surprising slurpee combos to find your next go-to 7-Eleven hack!  GMMore #1436

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Amardip Singh
there are now 711 comments
Bojan Ristevski
Cameron Run Fast Mc Chunky
THE MYSTERY FLAVOR IS LEMONADE. I got it earluer today and let's be honest, it tastes like month old Lemon Heads with sugar on it.
This was the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen
Eli Duran
is there gonna be a biome sharing video in the future? 😆
King David631
I love these guys and there videos but that beginning was totally mythical pyshcotic
2026_Steven Alten
Saw, saw ll, saw lll, saw llll, saw lllll, saw llllll, saw lllllll, and jigsaw are all the saw movies
Phillip Sasse
The elevator pitch makes this one of my favorite gmm's ever. His face and how he gets his voice so loud/high pitch is impressive 😂
Link: *normal screams* WAAAH!!!!!!!
Anthony Tah May
captain crunch is the most disgusting slurpee I have ever had
Max Evans
ooh that's wild *snorts*
Kaylyn Jo
"see I was sneezing. We're allergic to 7/11" "ehhaha no we're not, no, no, please no"
kiah ray
I like how Rhett was struggling to get the cups about and Link was just stacking them again
carter horvath
rhett was definitely high in this
NAP Gamer
Give the man a spoon
frank fort
Silly humans, the slower you pull apart the cups, the easier it is to separate them.
Ja' Crispy
Good episode
Link: “See, I’m sneezing, we’re allergic to 7-11!”
Rhett : *laughing while talking* “N-No weeeereee noooootttt”
Sarah Soto
Pretty sure the coffee one is supposed to be orange fanta
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Gordon Ramsay's Sausage Hotpot Surprising Slurpee Combos Taste 6 months ago   08:59

A hearty dinner together with a wonderfully homey dessert.

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