Installing a quick change coupler Dirty Great Machines - Bucket 2 months ago   33:00

Andrew Camarata
Installing a Kubota style quick change bucket coupler on a Yanmar b37 excavator. Buying the pin on system. Than welding on coupler ears on a bucket and a hammer.

Quick change ears for sale:

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Chandler Milstead
Why don't you build you a grading bucket and a shear tooth for it
Stephen Hodge
How well did that patch fit when he gave it a whack with the sledgehammer!!!
What they should have done is turned that pin down a little bit smaller on the far side, so that your shims could be made larger and more reasonable...... So, keep the pin large like it is... but then turn it smaller just where those shims are; again, so that your shims cam be made larger--- like maybe 1/4in thick maybe... If you have problems with those thin shims wearing too fast.............. That's what I would do... It would be much easier to make the shims that way, and I bet they would last longer. But hey, maybe it lasts forever the way it is. Nice conversion.
seekersofrhythm studio
why not install a motorised roller shutter with a remote. Judging by the omout of times you open and close it it must be a time saver (time is money)
Anarchy On 2 Wheels
Why don't you sell those flat rocks? Are they worth anything?!
David Murphy
Hey Andrew, F the trolls and negative comments. I really appreciate your videos. I am mechanical and went to school twenty years ago for landscaping and nursery tech. Your videos give me encouragement to get a mini excavator and try making some cash doing what I love. plus i do have many projects on my property for a excavator. I just want to say thank you sir...
Robert N
OMG , that hammer is ridiculously heavy !!! it NEEDS a quick-change !!
Daniel Roe
What a disaster that quick hitch is. Clearly designed by someone who hates operators.
Bill Smith
Great job on that quick attach. That will be real nice to have. I've never used a hammer, but could you spin and put the blade in back and lower it to give you more leverage?
Felix R
"was nicht passt wird passend gemacht" (What does not fit is made to fit) is what we say in Germany
Sebastian Cortes
Great video! Do you have a link for the coupler you but on the yanmar? Thanks
Kevin Ordoyne
Can you tell me where you purchased the Kubota quick change coupler for the Yanmar? I have a Kubota KX101 with a pin on bucket, and was wondering if there was an aftermarket Kubota quick coupler, other than going to the dealer.
Good Jop grettings from Germany
Bobcat Legend
This is not a good coupler system because you cant put the bucket on backwards. Putting the bucket on backwards is super handy for scooping up gravel and many other things.
Phil Perri
That is the perfect spot to hammer some nice dimensional flag stone about 2-inches to 4-inches thick for patios. If you hammer well back into the face you can pull out some big sheets of material. I'm ready for a delivery, but I don't think you're planning any deliveries to Northern Virginia any time soon.
Phil Perri
You've gotten pretty good with the plasma cutter and welding. That would be a good side business for you when you get tired of driving the big toys around. :)
jay willow
So you lose the thumb to put that thing on?
Just be careful when you are cutting or welding, you gas cans were close by. you are great
You need to fit an electric motor on your workshop door and save your arms.....also it will make for a good video on how to do it.....👍
Bryan Kerr
All machines should have universal attachments. You need to patten your design. Great video. 👍
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