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Whether it’s a research station investigating some crazy stuff or possibly something from out of this world here are 12 strange places in Antarctica.

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4. Lake Vostok, Antarctica
The main reason for the research station is this mysterious lake on antarctica. Located on the inhospitable continent of Antarctica lies a freshwater lake, but you won’t be coming here anytime soon. It’s located 13,000 feet below an extremely thick layer of ice. The water beneath the ice sheet hasn’t seen the surface of earth in millions of year. Scientists took on the extremely difficult challenge of drilling through the ice and came across something shocking. They found over 3500 different species of organisms. What interesting about this is that a moon called europa also has a thick layer of ice over a liquid water ocean. If things could survive the conditions in antarctica, they most likely could on this moon, increasing the chance of alien life by a long shot. They even found things like fish, and this shrimp which were much more complicated organisms than they expected. Here you see one of the species of shrimp that was found below over 2 miles of ice at lake Vostock

3. Plateau Station Antarctica
This is currently an inactive research center at the Antarctic plateau . Construction first began on December 13th 1965 and it was built for solar observation, micro meteorology studies, atmospheric studies and other things. This is the 2nd coldest place on earth and the lowest recorded temperature here was negative 123 degrees F on July 20, 1968. Summers here are obviously short and are always below zero degrees F. The winters are long, frigid and dark, making you wonder why anyone would want to do research here. A scientist there stated that every breath he took outside was painful and you had to worry about freezing your lungs or throat while inhaling.

2. Antartica Blood Falls-
If you ever somehow get the chance to visit the continent of Antarctica, you might run into the red colored waterfalls in streaming into the ocean. It may look like a vampire hideout or someone had an accident on the ice. Although this isn’t the case, you’d probably want to stay away anyways. The water in the area is extremely salty and won’t even freeze even though it’s well below the normal freezing point. When the glaciers begin to form here, iron rock was scraped here from the ground below. Oxygen in the air turned the iron rich water into a bright red which leaves an eerie appearance.

1. UFO Crash

Antarctica is a massive continent that remains for the most part unexplored. If a UFO had crashed on the land, how would we know? Google Maps! UFO enthusiasts are convinced that this is exactly what happened and they are claiming that it's a-- true crash site. Th--ere is indeed snow that was disturbed and it appears to be a hole in the shape a flying saucer. Alien Hunter from Russia, Valentin Degretev says, “In amongst endless ice desert, it is the most genuine UFO in the most classic shape. So if not a UFO, what -could it be? Skeptics believe it's just a crack in the ice. Until someone goes to the location for themselves, we won’t know for sure. Some claim that an update on the site show what looked like 4 tanks just a few yards away.

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...nose stopped up?
theother account
Saving all the special people.....
Why the fuck would they have to prohibit any civilian from going there. Plain weird.
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What the fuck is Anartica????? its ANTARCTICA
Please get someone else to narrative. Your voice and speech pattern is annoying.
I'd live there if I had the money to create an underground oasis.
John White
Alntis was part of it and branch off 1.68billion years ago when the world was all ice ect ..
Don Jon Lon
anarctica =interpreted loosely means and arc ica and or cold adventure bbrrrr ....pass the ice cold bud light ..
Michael J. Spencer
As we can see from some of your pics, the Earth is flat - we don't live on a blue marble...
Larry Carmody
Ok, if Antarctica was tropical at one time, how could that fresh water lake have been covered with ice for millions of years?
If this channel had any backbone perhaps you should tell the truth that no civilian person is allowed on Antarctica. If you have a boat that can get you there, you are guaranteed to be escorted away by whatever nation that has some warship nearby. That is a fact!
Charles Scott
AND #13!!!
Matthew Williams
Your voice ruined this video
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Lot Foods Down Their more people live Down their then you THINK
Polyxena Lobkovice
I Live Down There for 5 Year their more down their then you THINK
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The red River came from Antarctica
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The Falklands not Shetland dipshit
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Another mindless millennial narrator who doesn't know how to enunciate properly.
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Volcanoes don't "go off" they erupt. Please take science seriously so that people make informed choices in the voting booth.
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Experts Translated This 3,700 12 Strange Places Found in Antarctica 3 months ago   06:27

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