Trippie Redd and Coi Leray's McDonald's Trippie Redd w/ full box of Ice! 1 day ago   14:55

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For XXL’s new series, 'All You Can Eat,' Trippie Redd and Coi Leray attempt a McDonald's mukbang that includes the new Worldwide Favorites Menu.

Beat produced by YamaMuzik.

#TrippieRedd #CoiLeray #Mukbang #HipHop #McDonalds

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What do you think the title of a Trippie Redd and Coi Leray joint album would be?
Ricky Fontaine
I bet she make pretty babies trippy gotta keep her. On gang.. 👌
Dr parry Dont
He wasn’t even talking
V for Vvwendeta
Nobody: trippie: that sounds like a heart attack. me: romantic talk noted
Erica B.
They are meant to be together if not a couple definitely best friends!!
Nigger Boy
I didn’t even see this nigga put the hood up on his hoodie😭
Alexandria Martinez
Trippie relay
they each ate at least 5,000 calories 😂😂
I love coi with alllll my heart
calvin martin
Trippie red lol💎💎💎💎💎💎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
shaniqua farted
i feel so bad for the interviewer lol, he must be feeling lonely
LivingWithYung Trin
Y’all seen that hickey she had on her neck ? 👀
Ena Curic
Did anybody notice a hickey on coi
Eric He
I love You Trippie Lil14❤️❤️❤️

Interviewer: Nigga we got mcdonalds from iraq
Yo finish the word each person put one letter down

ItsJamie Yo bitch
I like how Trippie say ni%&@
xDiablo- Rf7
Trippies Face at 7:39
Aldreth Cayas
Redd is high as f hahahahaha
jimmy Adams
trippie look like something I find lurking in my trash cans at night
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Trippie Redd w/ full box of Ice! Trippie Redd and Coi Leray's McDonald's 1 day ago   31:27

Trippie Redd puts on a lot of ice & grill! Speaking to Westwood about his new girl, new single Under Enemy Arms, plans for new album & a rock project, the passing of XXXTentacion & more.

#TrippieRedd #TimWestwoodTV #UnderEnemyArms