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For San Diego County's homeless, finding a safe place to sleep just got a little harder. A week ago the City of Vista pulled the plug on a program there. Cornerstone Christian Church opened its parking lot for people to sleep overnight in their cars. But the city said the program would need to apply for costly permits and undergo public hearings to continue. Dreams for Change, the organization running the program, still offers an overnight lot close to downtown San Diego. Reporter Acacia Squires brings us this story of one family taking advantage of it.

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Ms. Rae
Ex hubby need to get these bills paid!!! I am all for that sleep in a van and road trip and spontaneous ish b4 there are kids but married with kids and 5 no less he needs to put down these roots and put down money on these bills like he put down something else. This out of control.
Farzarna Fazli
Where is her family
Farzarna Fazli
America 2013. Are you kidding me. This is why america is a joke to the whole world.
Linda Dannis
Should have thought about that before spreading her legs....
Carstella Moore
Dear God help this family and bring them closer to you Amen
Joy Henson
I love this mothers attitude!! But I can't help but wonder why dear ole dad isn't helping the children he so joyfully helped make. He's the one who's irresponsible. And when the kids are remembering their childhood will they also remember the dad who wasn't there for them?
Brooke R
Any update on this family?
Kevin Chrisner
God, keep those kids safe out there... away from evil elements
Susan Gamble
How is this family doing now 2019
Ok she left her state without a guarantee she will have a place and lets see a dead beat dad and 5 childrenm one child with cancer and she is upbeat. Why have so many kids to begin with. 5 ? Wow
Tamera Nicholson
Jesus Lord I'm Praying for her and her family
Gog Magog
This lady is not normal
Pat Carroll
I hope she found a home and job. She's a good mother. And I hope she does not allow her deadbeat Dad of a husband anywhere near her.
King Leo Monroe
What kind of father would let his kids be homeless?
aladdeen abdalla
she is strong woman
Hawkeye Assassin's
I see why he's an "X"
Hawkeye Assassin's
I served this country in both the Marines and the Army and I was proud of it at one time and wanted my sons to follow in my footsteps but after years of seeing how dirty and satanic this government is I no longer want my son's apart of this wicked government!. The Government doesn't care about Americas homeless families and the youth. They don't care about the Veterans so why should we think they would care about their own civilians?. Maybe America should be invaded by Russia and China and then give the country to the people!. I'm tired of the evil that goes on in California and New York but Jesus 🕊 Christ is coming back and all those responsible for the suffering of God's children will pay dearly!. To God be the Glory!.
Hawkeye Assassin's
Is their anyway to help this Beautiful Lady and her Awesome Children?.
Something's missing here, not one word about the father or who the father is.
For some reason we're not getting the full story.
marcy sere
And she's still pooping them out . Go figure .
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Van Life - Woman Living in a Van for 3 Years Living Out of a Van 1 day ago   05:48

L.J. has been living in her vintage 1977 GMC Vandura camper van conversion for 3 years while working a 9-5 job in HR. She bought the van for just $500 and enjoys the van life because it allows her to save money and live on a budget, but mostly she loves the freedom of parking wherever she wants, and of being able to travel on weekends.

She's recently quit her job and is planning to travel for a year in the van, and overseas to the Philippines and Indonesia.

We love how simple L.J.'s van is — no power, no heat, just the basics like a bed, a swivel seat, a cooler, and some books. She makes the lifestyle look easy although she does splurge during a couple of the coldest winter months to sublet an apartment.

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