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For San Diego County's homeless, finding a safe place to sleep just got a little harder. A week ago the City of Vista pulled the plug on a program there. Cornerstone Christian Church opened its parking lot for people to sleep overnight in their cars. But the city said the program would need to apply for costly permits and undergo public hearings to continue. Dreams for Change, the organization running the program, still offers an overnight lot close to downtown San Diego. Reporter Acacia Squires brings us this story of one family taking advantage of it.

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Michael Smith
I am single, but if i had kids and the mother made the effort, i would not put my OWN out on the street if i had the means! The kids will NEVER forget the unwelcomed feeling from their OWN father! EVER!
it seems like she want more from him
RJ Poet
God bless this woman, but she couldn't sleep at his place until she got on her feet? Like even in a separate room? Or how about she does van life like a suburban hipster and the five SMALL CHILDREN sleep in dad's living room? I get that mom and dad don't get along, but why do the kids have to sleep in a van? God bless this situation.
elizabeth hazel
Angela is beautiful!!!!!!
Sawatha Grant
How can we get to her to help them do anyone know
Getrude Obbayi
You mean white men abandon their kids too 🤔?
FloAnn Gordon
Then, why is it that illegal aliens come and prospers? We have toour many American citizens who in need. Diane Feinstein office 310-914-7300. This is why #45 wants the wall because of American citizens are being discriminated againot for ILLEGAL ALIENS. Hell, thespecially DemoRats are preventing it him abd this is why you see military at the borders.

2020, you decide. Come to Moreno Valley, CA at Iris and LaSalle. That is not too far from there father. Ando ashamed on him to know that you in you prefer car. It's dangerous out there.

Be very cautious of your trust. There is a more of a familying oriented environment.

Good luck!
Dorothy Mays-Pitts
Lord have mercy is all I can say the people needs a intervention the people needs the Lord’s mercy and grace for people R suffering and hurting and needs a little help. DPitts
Architecture Whisperer
Buy a cheap lot on Ebay and build a cabin:
Nichole Crawford
She can get housing in 30 days or less with all her kids in TN damn abs she has a BABY BABY fuck that father girl leave Cali and get them babies out of that parking lot 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
so nini
Looks like white boys can't deal with black bitches either. While u waste time being upset at black men think about the father of these six children lol. He's a white boy
I salute this Queen! I understand i am homeless living out if my truck by choice. I am also unemployed looking for job. On waiting list for housing. Peace love abundance to all!! ❤
Stephanie Jones
I do not understand why she cant contact Social services to help her with housing and then she could go to a job center and find a job if she needs work and when the shelter cant take you they give vouchers seems to me she needs to contact the mayors office in her state and the directors office to come up with a way yo help her get housing the mother mus look and find work to house her children she cannor stay unempyed. Even if she just drives 7am uber uber bc her children are hurting being homeless mom needs to find a job so sge can pay rent and Social services ir her staye needs to issue a housing voucber. I know Iam a Cassmgdr for 28 years and Social worker for the state if Maryland dept of Social services. Two issues taking the children to.leave near the farher and her housing fauled, she needs a new plan get work their and still get housing pr g5p nck home to their old hoiding but have a realistic plan.

Wby cant tje father hpuse rhe choldten then rhe mpther van eazy get into a shelter for a dinvle adult sec point never have more than one or two children as a xingke parent bc one person can only tske care of one or two by thrmsekves unless you are a nurse doctor or other high income field of work. Hope this familiy can get somw crowd funding and wirk on findimg a job. She should try warehouse work or security or something where she can get a job quickly or some type of delivery or driv8ng job maybe driving an mta bus or something.
W Fitness
Okay.... did I miss the part when they say where these young children's father is at?
Pat d
Here's a clue: Stop living in expensive cities. Live where it is a lot more affordable.
Dawn groundhog67
This makes me so mad we will house feed and provide medical care to useless illegals but abandon our own citizens! This country is a disgrace!!
5 more fucked up Biracials that Black people will have to deal with. Smh
Nicole Jones
That's just stupid who will be homeless just to be closr to the dad, something isn't right. She better worry about herself & her kids
Chester Izzy
Straight woman problems
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Candace lives in a weekly rate Living Out of a Van 1 day ago   03:35

This is the real face of homelessness that is rarely seen. Candace lives in a weekly rate hotel with her four children in Wentzville, Missouri. Even the federal definition of homelessness does not see this family making all the numbers the government publishes on family and child homelessness at best a good guess. The numbers are much, much higher.

Candace had the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Most women stay. But if it wasn't for the help a kind man helping the unseen homeless families in St Charles County, Candace and all of her children would be literally out on the streets.

All the shelters are full. Hopefully, Candace will find an opening soon. But there are far more homeless families than there is help. This is a real crisis.

In a past life, I worked for a church in a neighboring community. There are many churches in this area, as there are lots of churches throughout America. Unfortunately, the average church in this country spends more money talking about impact trying to fill seats then actually doing something to help hurting families in their community.

As the economy gets worse we must get better. My prayer is that the faith-based community will wake up and stop wasting money and resources trying to fill buildings, and start working with their communities to solve this social crisis.

The church needs to be more like Paul. Not the Paul in the Bible, but the Paul in St Charles County who has become the real hope to so many. Paul is helping homeless families not because he's trying to get people to go to church or win "souls", Paul is helping simply because it's what we all should be doing - helping our neighbors without an agenda. Please support


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