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As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical farming is one solution that's been implemented around the world. Vertical farms produce crops in stacked layers, often in controlled environments such as those built by AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey. AeroFarms grows a variety of leafy salad greens using a process called "aeroponics," which relies on air and mist. AeroFarms' crops are grown entirely indoors using a reusable cloth medium made from recycled plastics. In the absence of sun exposure, the company uses LED lights that expose plants to only certain types of spectrum. AeroFarms claims it uses 95% less water than a traditional farm thanks to its specially designed root misting system. And it is now building out a new 70,000 square foot facility in a former steel mill. Once completed, it's expected to grow 2 million pounds of greens per year, making it the largest indoor vertical farm in the world.

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Legend Escobar
Sun = yellow spectrum. Sun appears yellow? I get what he means about plants need specific wavelengths of light, but his reasoning and rhetoric is completely off
we'll need this for when the human race is forced to live underground
Alfonso Valenzuela
Buenos dí entiendo el inglés, pero me fascina todo lo que es la agricultura moderna, soy ingeniero agrónomo en México, con una poca de experiencia en hidroponía y con muchos sueñ algún día producir algo por mi cuenta en aquaponia... saludos...
angel luck
you're a future bro !!! keep it going !!!
ricky dunn
How do we start investing in them as groups?? Let’s get off the Monsanto GMO system and save ourselves against rising food costs
Dogs Sing
I had this idea as a kid. Just seems like common sense to stack vertically.
Mr Platon 91
Now Imma grow some weedz....
U learn all this when growing cannabis🤷🏾‍♂️ and they say money don’t grow on trees!!!
Lord Gigenshtain
im gonna stick to soil :/ it gives more Quality.
No Soil and 95% Less Water.............and NO NUTRITION.
Micky Johnson
What is the energy draw of that place? That's greenhouse gas too, but i like the idea otherwise. It's s step in the right direction.
Lets see a corn crop like that
jackson knox
I'm in love with this!
Zachary Kingston
Love the idea but I'd prefer a way to open roof n let in natural Sun as well..I don mind supplementing w light...also no soil scares me
Kie 7077
The lies of omission here, there is no discussion of where the nutrients are coming from, what the environmental degradation is caused when getting those nutrients, how waste is dealt with or how much energy is required, or how much equipment is needed and what the eco-footprint of that equipment is.
And causes cancer
Melissa Williams
Its grow in recycled plastic? I thought they did a study saying reusing plastic cause cancer.
Jonathan Jonckheere
What about the nitrogen, ammonia and minerals plants need to grow? Sounds like a lie to me.
The market provides, where is govenrment here?
Jan Petersen
how am i gonna live of spinach ...
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CHINA'S MODERN PIG FARM WITH This Farm of the Future Uses 3 months ago   13:13

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