Special report: Preparing for No-Deal Brexit Plan B: Corbyn vs May 2 months ago   11:54

Sky News
Police fear the fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit could lead to "wide-scale disruption and dangers for the general public" and have warned they may not have the resources to cope.

Officers' worst case scenario features a return of violence to Northern Ireland, panic buying and long delays at Dover.

Sky's Adam Parsons has this special report.

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mancave creations
Soo much crap there are two sides to every argument yet the news ramps up only the negatives
abc abc
The UK should leave with no deal. The EU is designed to destroy the fabric of societies through the continent. Besides, a nation-state can't take pride in its economy, the authenticity of autonomy if it has to get help from a bunch of other countries within a club. Great countries
do things for themselves. Even Bank of England Governor who was instructed to scaremonger has retreated and is now saying there will very minimal damage to the UK economy from a no deal. The UK must get out if it is to save it itself from a catastrophic future. The EU has held it back a long time now. The UK has done better than all the
Eurozone countries over the last decade or two because we stayed out of the Euro. It's fortunate we stayed out of the common currency. It was more luck than judgement, however.
Jalal Ahmed
Global warming is going crazy too. Shits going crazy
From mb Mars
No deal would be the best. And be honest , the EU isn't going that well. It might be even better to leave and be own boss again in yr own country. It probably is.
From mb Mars
It's no defeat for May as she's Always been against Brexit. That's why she is coming up with terrible deals. So letting her doing the negotiations is just ridiculous. It's all show, as most media is. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/Awy3Hng1Zot
Rust Bucket
Over 200 countries outside of the Eu block this is scare mongering America is the biggest supplier of medicine no the Eu!
Tasha Geld
Don’t understand what British r worrying about . Great empire , who built their empire themselves . Good luck to them
Mr Messy
Sky needs banning in the uk
Shamel OSMAN
Pharmaceutical and Medical carriers should get a cart Blanche !!
Is actually sad how the EU is treating the UK. Why are being so harsh because they want to leave? European businesses are booming here. Look at Aldi. One of the top supermarket here.
Jj Stewart
What next Marshall law..conservitive government at the helm.hope the yellow vest shop hasn't shut like every other .
Emilio Borselli
DISCORDIA = Disagreement. Was it a subliminal message disguised as a lorry???
Leigh Freeman
just another excuse from the police
Leigh Freeman
the conservative government sold us out in the first place and any other time to
Leigh Freeman
just make a good deal with China
Leigh Freeman
try employing people from England there will be no queue at all then supply and demand is the word isn't it
e causey
duetoObama...Americans are NOT ALLOWED to have an emergency stock-up of life-saving drugs....
Will Paddock
Im an American, I know I know, but this is a dumpster fire on par with ours. Good luck all.
Starkos Milos
I wish great luck to the people working accross the borders france - england ( lorry drivers - customs officers etc ...) for brexit
David Langhorn
project fear at its best
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Brexit Plan B: Corbyn vs May Special report: Preparing for No-Deal 2 months ago   09:03

BRUSSELS has been blamed for setting up Brexit to fail from the start today, as Theresa May got ready to beg them to fix the Northern Irish border.

An EU insider and ex-Europe minister for Portugal said today that the talks were "badly designed from the start" because stubborn EU bosses "refused to discuss the future relationship" first...

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Jacob Rees-Mogg could help Theresa May save her Brexit deal by winning round Tory rebels:

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