Special report: Preparing for No-Deal Brexit Plan B: Corbyn vs May 1 day ago   11:54

Sky News
Police fear the fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit could lead to "wide-scale disruption and dangers for the general public" and have warned they may not have the resources to cope.

Officers' worst case scenario features a return of violence to Northern Ireland, panic buying and long delays at Dover.

Sky's Adam Parsons has this special report.

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Simon Cotter
The EU is just extremely scared that the UK will do better without them and thus sparking more movements in other European countries to leave the EU.
Land Lord
Apocalypsis soon
C Johns
For all the MPs that want to stay in the EU, why not abolish Westminster? We will have our laws made Brussels, or at least get directions from there, so why do we need Westminster? Let's a start a campaign to get rid of our British Parliament if we don't get a clean break from the EU. What people voted for. It is absolute nonsense to suggest the UK can't survive without EU. We thanked our lucky stars we didn't join the Euro. We would be better off leaving the EU as well. Most countries around the world are sovereign, independent nations, and they manage just fine. There is a very powerful campaign to feminise young white British men in order to weaken their resolve.
There is lots of talk about disruption to freight at Dover and Calais, more so on the EU side than the British side. What about air freight? Australia exports perishables to Asia on a daily basis, including milk and fish. Surely the Europeans can speed things up a little with their inspections?
The EU was a great concept, however it's rules and regulations are stifling and it's economies are slow and retarding the world's progress. The unemployment of many EU countries is due to excessive government expenditure and regulations.
The British people would like a little control over their country again and it won't hurt them to venture out and meet new people. They can still have an effective working relationship with the EU, if it still exists in it's current form.
Plenty of countries have efficient import and export processes, such as Singapore with Indonesia and Malaysia.
Grow it locally - EU restrictions even control how much fish we can get out of our own waters. Ludicrous. They have increased our need and dependence on them so much that the only thing we make for ourselves is the air we breathe. The EU will not let us go without a deal. They are the sellers - we are the buyers. A no deal brexit will be fine. It will be interesting though - watching them beg.
We import 80% and export 4% - We gain nothing from being n the EU. I voted remain but we really need to get out fast.
Tenn Jackson
Great news for the airfreight business.
Fawad Ahmed
Yes BREXIT... we can do it!!!! Wow
Hansjörg Reister
Flow of goods is the one thing. But what happens if money ore business itself stops flowing? See: whenever there are big deals, with lots of money someone has to provide the guarantees to both side that if the receiver does a) an upfront payment that they get their money back if there are delivery issues and b) that someone delivering products and services will get money in case things go wrong on the receiving end. With a "No deal" Brexit all that has to be mutually agreed again. And that can take its time and in some cases it might not work out at all. That is: immediate stop of business until these issues have been fixed.
issam جديد الشاب بلال
After brexit the UK economy will be so bad that no one will want to come here
Brexit hysteria? Common blokes, get on with it! LOL 😆
OMG, i was a brexiter but after this we must vote remain. I'm going to get my bucket and spade and start digging my bunker.
Project fear ,pure and simple!
Manuel Duarte
The brexiers forget that 80% of the cars made in UK are exported to EU...for 29 March uk will export it to USA, China, África, etc...etc...MORONS.
Sal Paradise
There will be no Brexit. This is why they've just more or less stopped
"No Deal". If "No Deal" is taken off the table there is only Teresa
May's awful deal, or cancel Brexit altogether. No one in their right
mind could vote for such a treacherous and humiliating deal, so Brexit
will be cancelled. Job done.
Brexit was always going to be cancelled, that's why she put together
such a terrible deal, so Remaining would seem like the best option.
There is no democracy - there is only a centrally decided policy that
whoever is in power is told to enact. What we want does not enter into
Richard Edwards
Scare tactics!! #SkyFakeNews #LeaveMeansLeave
Josh Asprey
it is very sad to see how a moment burst of hatred to the EU made Britons did the unbelievable..
Brexit!..and now just a few months away..it will be a very hard exit..almost nobody believe it will be a soft gentle goodbye..but more like pushing out from the front door to a dark and gloomy future..on the verge of dissolving the UK..with Scotland wanting out and getting back to the EU..with the future of reunification in N.I. as the best solution for its people and back to the EU..so what is left?? England and Wales..
A moment of dreaming back the good old colonial times when England dominated with its language and Victorian age of colonialism almost a quarter of the world..I believe England and those Conservatives responsible for this Brexit will be in a very bad awakening..instead of prosperity and stability and unity..it will be the beginning of the dissolution of the UK..people will soon realize there is no need and actually obsolete to be ruled from Westminster..Good Bye Britain!.. it is the last act of the once English hegemonic rule over Scotland, N.I.
one by one Australia..New Zealand..Canada..South Africa..India..etc.all leaving the Empire..and the English dominance declined as it became superfluous
...it is a huge setback to be being the small insignificant country like in the middle age before all the glory began..every imperial dream has an end..
Britain will be much better off without the burden of having to pay for EU bills.
steve duty
Nobody wants to stop trade , most of all the European based business, why is this fear mongering narrative pumped out by this "sky"company? The whole aim of this report is to try to convince the public the world will end with the British withdrawing from the very suspect federal EU rulers club. We all get on with our close European friends and want to trade with them, the world is smaller now so we will still do so after we leave, market forces are above political influence, unless the nasty spiteful commissioners want to punish us in the UK as an example for apposing their plan to de nationalize Europe as part of a bigger plan? Typical sky bullshit report.
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Brexit Plan B: Corbyn vs May Special report: Preparing for No-Deal 1 day ago   09:03

BRUSSELS has been blamed for setting up Brexit to fail from the start today, as Theresa May got ready to beg them to fix the Northern Irish border.

An EU insider and ex-Europe minister for Portugal said today that the talks were "badly designed from the start" because stubborn EU bosses "refused to discuss the future relationship" first...

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Jacob Rees-Mogg could help Theresa May save her Brexit deal by winning round Tory rebels:

Angela Merkel gives May a helping hand saying Brussels will compromise to save Brexit deal:

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