Opioids II: Last Week Tonight Everything you think you know about 5 days ago   21:21

Following some recent revelations about the role of large companies in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic, John Oliver takes another look at the crisis.

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I've been waiting for Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar in Narcos) and now am very disappointed
IF the Government Would crack Down on Doctors that hand out Subutex/Suboxone etc. Its a CASH MARKET.....300 A MONTH ..CMON. They dont Want People to GET BETTER. SUBS SHOULD BE FREE
ahhh if only this much research was done to uncover the people behind the crack epidemic
Opioids II Electric Boogaloo
bender42 bender42
I'd pay good money for the Nancy Reagan--MrT Sex Tape.

That tape is the next big weapon of mass destruction, he who controls the tape, controls the WORLD.
Dee Cohen
Fucking genius. And I say this with context because I was married to a opioid addict who I had to literally give CPR to the fifth time he overdosed in six months and I left him shortly after that. His entire family including his mother who is a nurse who steals drugs from her job at a hospital have been burying their heads in the sand while simultaneously enabling this addict his entire life. And he still lives in her basement- after I dumped him off there after I left him two years ago. The entire family is a group of addicts absolutely supported by his crazy bitch mother who steals drugs from the hospital she was fired from at least one job and I’m sure it has something to do with her stealing things I remember I fell down the stairs once because I wasn’t wearing shoes and she had a plethora of opioids and other things and gave me a lidocaine patch that made me throw up for three days because it was so strong and it was obviously something that should’ve been prescribed by a doctor not some rwice fired “nurse”. The opioid epidemic is out of control and will never ever ever be contained I was a witness I lived with an addict and a dealer there’s no stopping them until they are all dead and I don’t mean in rehab I don’t mean in jail I mean until they are dead
Emily Tanaka
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two Hugo
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Potayto Doggo
John do you happen to hate your janitor
This is what happens when a country is afraid to put criminals in jail just because they're rich. I'm still galled by the logic here, have an ounce of pot and be black? 5 years, maximum security. Get millions hooked on pain pills and ruin or end countless lives but do it while a company executive and white? Eh, fine that's the equivalent of a parking ticket for you.
Art P.
As usual; pure fkn genius.
Michael T
John is getting closer to confronting the Illuminati. He needs about 10 million more XP to purchase the upgrade that will let him tank their soul-destroying eye-lasers.
Anita Spero
I guess I was lucky? My doctor stopped prescribing due to being threatened for to long. After 14 years of being on Norco everyday he took me off using the proper method with Suboxone. I only needed it for 5 days.(WHICH IS THE PROPER WAY. IF YOUR DOCTOR HAS YOU ON THE SUBOXONE LONGER, IT'S FOR MONEY) It has been about a year and I've never craved the medication. But now my life is lost. On the Norco I started a business. I have been so proud because I started it with 20.00 and it grew fast. I could drive again and even work out. I was eating and sleeping. Now I have no idea who I am. Every doctor tried to put me on anti depressants. But I am not depressed. I think for what happened to me sadness and anger are normal emotions. I fear diabetes. It runs in my family. I am almost always sedentary now and gaining weight, Very different than when I was a body builder and trainer. I gave up driving. I sleep very little and eat very poorly. I can't eat in pain. Now I'm dealing with PTSD from doctors. I had one doctor scream at me. He didn't even bring my file into the room. He didn't even know my name. He called me desperate and an addict and said he was cutting my meds to less than half per day. It was horrible. The staff let me leave to drive home- even though I was having a panic attack and an SVT. My only thought was "I'm losing my business, my livlihood". The next doctor demanded an MRI of my back. I explained that I did not want an epidermal (they are not FDA approved). My back isn't even my worst pain issue. He yelled at me on the phone and hung up. Then a female doctor put me on several anti depressants at one time. I ended up in the ER with serotonin syndrome.So, I have serious white coat issues. I'm am slowly losing my business. I'm trying and don't want to give up. I understand why people are committing suicide. It's not like retiring. You aren't prepared. In a week your life just changes. It's gone. I always tell ppl' that are not in pain...have someone tap on your forehead for a month straight. While you try to eat, sleep, talk on the phone or make big decisions. See how well you concentrate after a month. It's not just the sensation of pain, but it brings madness to your life. I spend much time watching t.v..trying to just focus on the t.v to try to drown out the pain. I can't even read well now. My concentration is poor at best. I am so terrified of doctors that I broke my nose several months ago and fixed it myself. Last month I dislocated my shoulder and again fixed it myself. I respected the medication I was on. I was so thankful. After years of all kinds of therapies, medications that did not work and I was even scammed into trying things like body magnets, copper bracelets, infrared therapy, acupuncture several times and more. I'm not ready to just be a meat suit sitting on the sofa, with a brain that wants to do so much in life. I have another grandchild coming, number 5. And all I can think is 'another grandchild I can't play with or babysit. "They" never made a follow through for us. Once this started there was all kinds of things to help addicts. But we are left chronic pain criminals. Sadly this issue is having a snowball effect. People don't trust doctors anymore. I even know a group of women that are doing home births with no medical help. This is infecting everything. It has not slowed down drug abuse and suicides have increased. I can't believe my countries medical system is doing this to us.
GFY sackler clan. stay hiding.
Richard Sackler. DICK Sackler. That is all.
Johnny Murillo
@LastWeekTonight | How about making your Opioids III episode be about those of us who truly suffer from chronic pain & are becoming collateral damage casualties of this opioid crisis. Because our doctors are being pressured to cut those of us off who've never abused our chronic pain regiments.

I'm the model chronic pain patient, I don't abuse my pain medication & in over a decade have never even once asked for an early refill. I've even cut my dosage by 50% over the last year to ease my doctor's concerns because he was being pressured by his higher-ups. Even though it meant living with even more pain, but I did it anyways.

And now my doctor is tapering me off even though he told me he wouldn't & I'm still in pain. I don't drink alcohol, smoke marijuana/cigarettes or do illegal drugs. I'm not a criminal & I go to church, I don't deserve this. I'm being treated like both a junkie & liability & that's wrong. Kaiser Permanente & doctors should be ashamed of themselves for what they're doing.😭🙏🏼 Help
Richard Sackler buries documents while we bury those affected.
Lauren-Kate Kush
The guest actors are fantastic
Josette Tyler
Yay! Someone else has seen Splash besides me!
Justin Murray
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