Watch MPs announce results of indicative BREXIT: PM May RAGES at her "Marxist Brexit 2 days ago   30:55

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Just a few need persuading to get a majority decision but views change. Maybe the best way to get through this impasse is as a rough draft process, repeated hands up voting, and then addressing and quizzing just the minorities which could be party allegiance persuaded. Then when a rough draft consensus is found the official vote is put in process and a majority found. Coloured cards for motions could be use instead of hands up- Mexican wave style.
James Ross
650 MPs piling up barrels of metaphorical gunpowder, on the assumption the electorate don't have a box of matches.
Marek K
Kick them off from EU without any deal they're f*ckin useless!!!!!!
tom crowner
We didnt vote for a deal. We voted to leave. Fucking get on with it. No deal.
Angelica Frost
john bercow = leader we need
jays retro
Looking forward to being free from the EU default no deal
Sonia Lea
If Treason May took control, went for a NO DEAL then negotiate our relationship with the EU afterwards, 17.4 million voters would celebrate, our democracy is valued all over the world, let's not let 17.4 million voters or the rest of the world down, let's make a really good example, let the right of our LEAVE VOTE WIN, sorry remainers, I'm sure once we are OUT we could negotiate an agreeable outcome for you, that you would be satisfied with, BUT THE LEAVE VOTE WON OVERALL, otherwise I like 17.4 million others will have no option to vote UKIP or other BREXIT party's????
politics = not a strong point of the UK
Interdimentional Wizard Wiz
We ar Leaving without a deal...with no Mini Deal... no Micro deal.... We are just actual EXIT.
Why wait until the EU mandated 12th of April ? Leave now!.... or does Parliament and Government consider the EU takes rank over the Vote of the People of the UK ?
We actually left on the 29th of March
Stu McCabe
We are at the start of a political revolution - the next general election will see these treacherous bastards out on their arses. Brexit parties will take power. We need to change the voting system to proportional representation, we need a written constitution, a new bill of rights and to replace the House of Lords with an elected house. These are yesterday's people.
Sasho Hristov
Such a shame for the house of commons they play games and get pay for the playing with the nation
Stu McCabe
The Scottish nationalists idea of "independence" is to be ruled over by the EU - an odd definition of independence! Really they're motivated by anti-English prejudice, born of envy. Pathetic little tartan weasels.
Saeed United Stand
The house of commons win Euro millions.....

Should the money go to Healthcare....

The no' s have it

Should the money go to education

The nos have it

Should we bother collecting the money

The nos have it

Should we just let the ticket go to waste

The nos have it

I remind the house that the default option is the ticket goes to waste

Motion to rule out the ticket going to waste

The ayes have it

Should the money go to Healthcare

The nos have it......

Should we keep going in circles for the next 3 years

The nos have it

So shall we get this sorted then?

The nos have it
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BREXIT: PM May RAGES at her "Marxist Brexit Watch MPs announce results of indicative 2 days ago   09:57

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and other Brextremists are not at all pleased with Prime Minister Theresa May asking Jeremy Corbyn for a Brexit sit down. Some of them even branded the opposition leader being May's "Marxist Brexit helper".

Today Prime Minister Theresa May and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, once again, clashed during Prime Minister's Questions on several topics.