Nervous Presenting & Public Speaking? How to overcome fear of public speaking 2 days ago   04:16

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Are you Nervous During Presenting & Public Speaking? These tips will help you cure this & improve your performance.

It's hard to stand still when you're presenting, especially if you're nervous. In this video are some tips that will hopefully help you to stand still and avoid fidgeting when you next present to an audience. I hope you find them helpful. If you would like any further information, please do give me a call :)
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Theodore Vegh
Get hypnosis. It works. -Theodore Alexander Vegh
Eric Teng
wtf, how does this help with nervousness
Purpose Creates Impact
Great job teaching people public speaking
tt cc
I think the video is useless.
_NoName _
in 2hours i have an important presentation!! arghh! wish it works well
Brandon Nguyen
It's not that I get nervous, it's more of me always laughing!
WintersAlwaysHere UK
I have servers anxiety I can't even present infront of my class
Shazwani Adnan
I have presentation tomorrow 😰hope i can do it well🤗
Mitya Taskaev
My heart rate gets bigger and bigger HELP
Insie Abdullah
i have a school presentation tommorow. I hope this video may help me😩
plz help me I bet so nervous in church school when people look at me I get so nervous round them I bailey know some people
I have a school presentation tommorow I'm so nervous I tried to stay home but my mom said no I am so nervous hope this video helps
Valentied X_Noctoria
These are very helpful tips. thankyou. what do you mean by a first rate version of yourself?
good video
Any tips on if my face turn as red as a tomato (not an exaggeration)
Kh.T.T ChayO
Thanks a lot for your video.
Here, I am wondering how to search the right and nice picture to the presentation's subject.
Please help me!
What if your mouth gets dry and you can't breath like an asthma attack help!!!
I always start shaking like a leaf how do I stop that??
I have to present in front of my whole school in two months and I'm very very nervous, I get nervous just by watching a presentation or standing in a line where people can see me... I dont want people to look at me. BEING AWKWARD AND HAVING ANXIETY IS NOT COOL SO STOP PRETENDING YOU HAVE OR ARE ;-; 
Minh Thuan
Thats great! Its better if u have subtitle for audience all over the world
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How to overcome fear of public speaking Nervous Presenting & Public Speaking? 2 days ago   05:27

Cure the phobia of public speaking anxiety. Follow the easy methods to overcome your fear.

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