Flying my Silverlit RC Sopwith Camel WW1 Sopwith Camel With Original 1 day ago   09:33

Flying my Silverlit RC Sopwith Camel biplanes @ Portishead THE BEST BITS. Nice warm sunny day February 25th 2019 down at Portishead touching 18 degrees C completely unseasonably nice so I gave the biplanes an outing.

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marc wohlmayer
hi grandad, the plane flies really awesome, but i was wondering if theres any way to give the plane more range ? maybe different crystals in the radio and reciever might do it?
Foamy Flightmaster
Flying in circles makes the pilot sick, all very entertaining.
Doc Ink
they both got some nice flights, I think it looks really cool flying
Imagine hearing a rotary sputtering and then hearing tiny machine guns blasting the ground around you like in the movies!



Edit: More sound effects!




*SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* (Afterburners on a Sopwith, ikr)
David Davids
thanks for posting. some thoughts. the view at 1:01, suggests that, as a result of the stabs being Over-large, the model has a tail-heavy dom. as a result of the model having zero-dihedral wing(s), the use of two-channel control was not a good idea (by the manufacturer). so, in all cases, buyer beware cheers googletranslate
Mike Flight
Just watching this video and spotted what may be a UFO in your video. If its a lamp post then it's very tall and I took a screenshot and still can't see the pole when I zoomed in. You will know if its a lamp post so what do you think? Watch from 07:05 just to the right of the white houses in the sky and you will see the dark line in the sky. Just had another look and it could be the TV antenna on the house, but still looks a bit out of place.
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WW1 Sopwith Camel With Original Flying my Silverlit RC Sopwith Camel 1 day ago   04:47

The Vintage Aviator's Sopwith F.1 Camel is shown here during a display at the Tauranga City Classics Of The Sky airshow held at Tauranga Airport, New Zealand. Capably flown by Gene De Marco this aircraft features an original 160hp Gnome rotary engine which is almost 100 years old.


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