The real Kawhi Leonard | How Hungry Inside the Green Room LIVE 1 day ago   21:38

Serge Ibaka
The day has finally arrived. The "How Hungry Are You" Season Finale with none other than Kawhi Leonard. Find out who the real Kawhi is... and what he is willing to eat!

"How hungry are you?" is a show where Serge Ibaka, aka Mafuzzy Chef, cooks a rare dish for his special guests. It is produced by Ouenzé Entertainment with Tier Zero.

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Yahya Habibi
Ur gay if u eat penis 😂😂
Angel Sanchez
The media makes it seem like kawhi a weirdo but whole time nigga cool asl 😭😭
Angel Sanchez
I know I did not just hear kawhi leonard say “the penis is good tho”
Kawhi da goat
- theDONamo
If you hear closely when Ibaka tells him if he’s staying Kawhi says he’s going to the Lakers
Nora Peace
17:10 his face when Serge says “it’s very good” 💀💀💀💀💀🤣😂
Nora Peace
16:45 “that’s sad man I thought we was friends” 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nora Peace
15:35 straight Facts!! I ❤️ this guy
Miguel Rodriguez
He's resigning 😂😂
Nora Peace
Kawhi sound like Derrick Rose or another NBA Player 😂🤣💀
Nora Peace
I didn’t know Ibaka couldn’t speak English that well 🤔 but he can fight tho 😂
Men1 Men
I can feel that kawhi didnt want to be in your show.
Dont force people man!
Pretty cool interview for the most part but when Serge Ibaka cooked a Penis Pizza it made me think he was definitely African and gay lol then keep saying more gay shit too and he had no real answer back to Kawhi but''I want you to eat Penis''lol''. That's not what regular Negros eat that's why Kawhi looked like wtf lol he shouldn't have done it and keep your pride and integrity.The devil comes in many forms to make you degrade yourself. Serge be having that look in his eyes licking his lips I be questioning that like he suspect for real lol. Good basketball player tho but Kawhi the man frfr.
Mou Anas
Cool cali dude
Victor Savage
i just wanna hear that laugh
AE Productions
I swear kawhis a virgin
toheeb adelaja
Have been working so Harrr 😂😂😂😂
Chav on
saw kawhi at a store and couldn’t speak is that gay ???😭😂
Tre The Sports Guy
The penis is good tho😂
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Inside the Green Room LIVE The real Kawhi Leonard | How Hungry 1 day ago   1:28:42

Norman Powell joins Danny Green for a special live episode to discuss the Raptors playoff prospects, answer fan questions and reveal once and for all if Kawhi will stay in Toronto.

- Live event sponsored by Diamond Boi -