Set up for a time lapse MASSIVE Pool Construction Timelapse 2 days ago   06:09

Set up for a time lapse. I bought one of those "eggs" that you dig into to find a hidden secret and I wondered if it would dissolve in vinegar so I decided to set up my Evo DX action camera to film it using the camera's own timelapse facility. Having set it up I found the LED lighting I was using was causing striping on the images due to the frequency issues. I then tried some LED strips I had boughtlast year with the intention of lighting my work station. Those LED strips didn't seem to cause the same problem although I won't know until I view the timelapse results and that may be a couple of days time.

EvoDX Ultra HD 4K Sports and Action Camera
Using the camera's own timelapse facility. I had set the lapse to 20 seconds
2736 images taken using 12.5 GB of memory
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6
28 LEDs 13.1W Integrated LED Lens Light Strip String Module AC220V 50Hz

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A litte "behind the scenes" now and then, thats a pretty good addition to your usual content. Very appreciated :-)
XDeelan Ratsegg
I was thinking about how quickly you could get through one of those eggs with a belt sander. Also, your camera has an interesting way of doing time-lapses. Mine shows it as a video as it's recording, a video with a very slow frame rate.
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MASSIVE Pool Construction Timelapse Set up for a time lapse 2 days ago   08:54

One of the largest pools that can be constructed on a city residential lot, it is 22 feet (6.7m) by 50 feet (15.2m), 4 foot (1.2m) shallow end and 9 foot (2.7m) deep end. Holds 200,000 liters (52834 gallons) of water. Over 3800 sq ft of concrete was poured for the pool decking and basketball court. Construction started April 2018, completed in June 2018.

A GoPro Hero 4 Silver was mounted the exterior of the house taking a photo every 60 seconds for 10-12 hours everyday, the project took over 2 months (26 working days).

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The pool was constructed by The Montgomery Pool Company

Because of how vinyl pools are built, they deal very well with various soil conditions over virtually any type of climate. This makes them ideal for our very hot summers (35C) and quite cold (-40C) winters.
Inground pools come in three main types; Concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. Choosing between them becomes a question of picking the best construction method for your money and environment.

The concrete pool, known as a gunite or shotcrete (depending on the mixing) pool, is a very popular type of construction method in many parts of the United States that have moderate climates in the winter. They allow for virtually any design you can think of and are extremely durable. Depending on the exact type of surface finish, these types of pools do need to be re-surfaced every five to ten years.

The disadvantage for this type of pool in the is cost. Because of our rather harsh winter climate, the gunite concrete pool must be built to withstand some pretty extreme ground frost. The extra material and labour required to build a gunite pool to these standards makes them roughly two to three times the price of either a vinyl or fibreglass type pool.

Fibreglass pools are manufactured in a factory and leave that factory fully ready to be put in the ground as a single large pool shell. They have a very durable surface that doesn’t need much maintenance and can be repaired in the event of a crack or puncture.

First is the fairly limited size and design choice. Because these pools must be shipped to the installation site, they must fit on a transport truck. This limits the size and shape to what you can fit on the truck bed.

The second disadvantage of the fibreglass swimming pools is how it reacts in very wet soils. Because the fibreglass pool is a single large shell, it can be thought as a large boat hull. If the level of ground water rises sufficiently, it can actually push the fibreglass pool up. The same is true in cold climates where ground movement due to frost can be a concern.

The vinyl inground pool can be broken down into two types, a steel frame or a polymer frame. Both systems use the same type of construction and offer the same finish product. Vinyl pools are by far the most popular type of inground swimming pool in the prairie provinces, as well in most of Canada, the Eastern United States and that trend is spreading to the Southern United States.

Much like the concrete pools, vinyl pools have virtually unlimited possibilities for size and design. With the addition of built in steps, benches and sunledges, any design feature found in a fibreglass pool can easily be incorporated into a vinyl pool. Long gone are the days of only having two or three choices in possible shapes.

The downside of the vinyl pool is the vinyl liner that holds the water. It can be punctured or cut leading to a water leak far more easily than concrete or fibreglass. Luckily they can be repaired fairly easily and permanently by welding a patch. The liner will also need to be changed about every fifteen years from normal wear and tear. This can be done by a professional crew in less than a day.

So when we look at the three types of pool construction and compare price, design freedom, suitability to local conditions and durability, the vinyl over steel or polymere type tends to come out ahead in Canada and the Eastern USA.

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