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Today, during the Big Game, fans got an exciting new look at Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME opens in U.S. theaters on April 26, 2019.

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Wilt Chamberlain
Sarita Verma
Why is the Avengers going to an end? 😭😭
Kevin Blythe
Will the producers address the fact that a great portion of fans have seen the movie already? I watched it yesterday and i noticed a lot of people starting spoiling it. Why is this happenening???
HayyanPro 167
Some people move on but not us? You mean going back? Like in time?
JCR Rikari
Some people...
Watch once...

But not us.
*Not us.*
Caleb Urbina
Thor is in Thanos' house
Komedy Things
0:12 bananas
❮•••❯İshak beyツ
Some people move but bananas
Ligo Hugo
Stop that “Not us” comments it’s cringey af
Kushagra Patel
Some people will watch this movie on 27th and 28th of April.

But not us.

Not us.
Xandailer 58961
Am I the only one who heard cap say bananas
Bananas :vv
Dr. Vag
If you pause on spiderman you'll see that he has his Far From Home suit on...
You Tube
We are in end game now.
Cole Bullock
This is lowkey the best trailer who agrees?
Alejandro Gonzalez
I love how the beginning is showing all the ones that hav died in the beginning of this
Valentina Elizabeth
clash of clans madhouse
Some people missed Nick FURY here..

But not us..

Not us.
Jacqueline Daisyface

Jacqueline Daisyface
Warning: do not watch on full volume with headphones.
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