Sun gazing yoga How To Do SUNGAZING Step By Step. Why It's 2 days ago   04:25

Iztok Conic
Sun gazing yoga can be useful instrument for spiritual seekers to rise energy improve self confidence and peaceful state of mind.
You need to be careful at beginning start at sunset few minutes before sun goes down than slowly increase Time but not more than one to max two minutes at first month. Directly gazing in to strong radiance of rays of the sun can cause injury of eyes so be careful.

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How To Do SUNGAZING Step By Step. Why It's Sun gazing yoga 2 days ago   04:56

How to do sungazing. What are the benefits of sungazing and why do people do it? Watch and find out. These are merely ideas, use your discernment as to the suitability of the techniques within this video for you.

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