Rene Favaloro: Google Doodle Donald Trump Would Never 2 days ago   00:50

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Dr René Favaloro is being remembered for his contributions to coronary bypass surgery with a special Google Doodle on what would have been his 96th birthday.

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So basically this idiot killed himself because he couldn't make enough money to fund healthcare for the poor? BS!!! If he simply came back to America to practice he would have generated far more than the 10 million a year to do the work intended. Clearly there was far more going on in secret. I don't see too many people from 3rd world places with an open shot at a permanent visa to the US killing themselves. He either killed himself because he was hoist on his own petard of egregious fraud and theft and did it to avoid being jailed for life or murdered by the government. Or he became such a thorn in the side of his socialist oligarch fascist government that they killed him to make it look like a suicide to avoid paying the bill they owed him. It is Argentina so I'm going with murder, but it still doesn't excuse him for being so daft for not coming to practice in the US and finding donors here to fund his work there. In either case I'm not impressed. He wasn't the only person doing bypass work at the time. This is just another lefty shill for illegals.
Luis Fuertes
108 ignorantes
Diego Gonzalez
Se hace un monumento a un político corrupto en pocas horas o días cuando este gran hombre debería tener monumentos por cada rincón del país, clásicas injusticias argentinas diría yo, pero creo que el mejor monumento son esas miles de vidas que salvó con sus propias manos. Un hombre y una gran persona que hasta en sus peores momentos no se dejó usar o comprar por la corrupción de los sindicalistas mafiosos de siempre. No lo mataron Larreta, o Vidal que apenas estuvieron presentes un año en el PAMI, lo mataron 10 años de darle la espalda, 10 años de Ferraris rojas, patillas largas y trajes de colores, 10 años de "Vuelos Espaciales a la estratosfera" . SEÑOR FAVALORO GRACIAS POR TANTO Y PERDÓN EN NOMBRE DE TODOS, ESTÉ DONDE ESTÉ MUCHAS GRACIAS!
Meat Missile F1-11
dear producers: can you hire someone to do your music that doesn't have HIV for hearing? why are all these shitty low production videos scored by a kindergartner thwacking away at a xylophone?
Tom Jones
And yet no (((google))) doodle for Easter.
Flavio Arguello
La vida, obra y muerte de René Favaloro, es un ejemplo de amor al prójimo y dedicación, pero también cómo un país impiadoso deja sin protección a su buena gente
Tobi Makkura
So where did the 90 dislikes come from? This doesn't seem very controversial.
Господин Товарищ
Не знаю кто такой но догадываюсь 17 лт мне но выпью..........
Laura Pare
Lautaro Adam
Homage of the band Attaque 77 to René Favaloro.
Lautaro Adam
Feliz cumpleaños Rene Favaloro!
Que en paz descanse...
Uno de los héroes mas grandes de la historia Argentina, que en su entonces quienes debieron contenerlo y brindarle su apoyo para evitar su suicidio le dieron la espalda...
Francesco Grillo
Grazie Dottore!!
jose luis cespedes
Fue un hombre con todas las letras!! Sr Favaloro lo recuerdo con respeto y admiración!!
mountopian 1
Them Argentinians love harboring nazis
Paula C
Tragic hero ,renaissance tragedy
Emiliano Amado
Grande Favaloro, viva Argentina.
An example of person here in my wonderfull country.
Rohit Gupta
Happy René Favaloro’s 96th Birthday
Sagatuppercut SF2
It's sad that a man who saved lives killed himself.
Francis Mausley
He Tried to help so many... "If a man’s thought is constantly aspiring towards heavenly subjects then does he become saintly; if on the other hand his thought does not soar, but is directed downwards to centre itself upon the things of this world, he grows more and more material..." ~ Baha'i Faith
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Donald Trump Would Never Rene Favaloro: Google Doodle 2 days ago   05:05

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