Grandad's Postbag 190221 Electronic Basic Soldering Lesson 1 - "Solder 2 days ago   31:29

Grandad's Postbag 190221. Spot the mistake I make while putting this kit together ?

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Electronic DIY Kit NE555 Component Parts Electric Piano Organ Module
Cost me £2.28

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Good video, but it looks like you need a new soldering iron
Mike Flight
An interesting little project. I did notice after you put up "spot the mistake" that the 555 was round the wrong way. I have done it a couple of times.
Here is a link to a good little electronics program called Circuit Wizard. I have used it many times and then printed my boards out using photo paper printed from an old black only laser printer. Then you iron the printed paper onto your copper board and put it in some etching fluid. I have not done it for a while. It works very well. The laser printer uses some sort of fine plastic so it sticks to the copper board. Won't work with a normal printer but you could trace over it and use a sharpie pen to draw the circuit. The etching fluid won't penetrate the black from the sharpie pen.
They used to do a free edition of Circuit Wizard but I don't see it on their site.
Hermit Oldguy
I've worked out that the pitch is controlled by the number of 2.2k resistors in circuit, So one side of all the switches is common and the other side is how many resistors in use.
So, you could tune it by replacing all those 2.2k s with 2.2k variable resistors. (You'd have to tune them in the right order.)

I'm curious if the pitch changes with the supply voltage.
Hermit Oldguy
Speaking as a(n ex-)professional, that was er, ... interesting. Not bad. Not bad at all. I didn't cry.
Can we talk about soldering irons, and when to clean them?
Every time you pick it up. Clean it, tin it, watch how the solder flows on it. Not happy?
Clean it again. If solder forms a ball of the tip of the iron, it's either not hot enough or dirty. A 15 Watt iron is perfectly fine for that sort of work. Is the tip pushed on as far as it can go? It seems a bit cool. (I use my nose to sense if my iron is up to the right temperature.) Maybe it's the insulating effect of the burnt plastic from what you were doing before. ;-)
I played that that little song you did at the end while running a app on phone called " Spectroid" When you played it, it looks like you are building a brick wall. : ) I use that app for viewing a lot of sounds. Sometimes you catch a hidden image in a song or just sounds.
anthony belcher
Good job
Jay Herde
Hey!! That's the wrong way round! ... ok, but somebody had to say it ;-)
Oops eh? but proving how tough 555's are.
You have a BigClive table there, with the colour, burn type marks and the same sort of camera angle! Was it planned that way? cos it works for this type of vid :)
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Basic Soldering Lesson 1 - "Solder Grandad's Postbag 190221 Electronic 2 days ago   20:45

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