my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE Teachers VS Students GONE MAD 2 weeks ago   22:35

emma chamberlain
great start to 2019




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Emmsy A.
I like how Ethan is at your house while your filming in the same video where you talk about how you got mono from kissing
Sydnie Fuller
Why do I love her so much😂😂
Chloe Rose Creswell
Hairbrush and contour is how you achieve Fake freckles on point lol
Marie Leggett
4:17 this kinna behavior is exactly what makes emmas dad the best dad of all
Olivia Parres-Gold
who is that in the background 🤨😏😏
Taylor Wright
my dad is bald and he uses shampoo still
Christian Lombardi
I had mono at the exact same time you did and I only know because you posted it on social media, but guess who still went to tailgates, football games, and shit with it. But later the doctor said “your throat exploded, wtf have you been doing” obviously I said “nothing but resting” that shit hurted
Sushma Makali
Ua mom is cute👄
Christian Lombardi
I have so much anxiety being by myself because I’ve been by myself for the past 3 years and it’s upsetting cuz now I’m in college trying to meet people and everyone’s being whack. Like what happened to “everyone’s nice in college” like da fuq they are
So Etma was confirmed in this video? Right? Ok.
Lexie Patience
Oh wait it’s ur grandpa but still the last comment still stands
Lexie Patience
Emma ur uncle or what ever looks like scomo Australia’s prime minister
skyla marie
“aRe yOu GoNnA FiNiSh yOuR maCaRoni”
Guys at 20:23 can hear somebody say Macaroni and it’s sounds like Ethan and she says she got mono for the first time a couple months ago and maybe she got it from Ethan ethemmaaaaa
nia james
I swear if I find a roll of wrapping paper that I like... I will buy it and never use it. I guarantee you that it would sit it my cupboard for the rest of my life and never be opened. I bet theres still unopened rooms in my cupboard right now.
lol the makeup looked okay until the eyeliner
Miabelle Santana
its funny how she always had a santa showing off his ass in the backround
M Ballerina
um you are saying it wrong its petzels
Potato Chips
20:25 it was probably Ethan but for some reason it sounded kinda like Grayson to me..🤔

20:49 sounded like Ethan...hmmh 🤔

21:35 sounded like Grayson

Oh gawd I'm mixed up
Alexa Prieto
Emma your literally the best YouTuber ever
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