my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE Teachers VS Students GONE MAD 2 months ago   22:35

emma chamberlain
great start to 2019




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-emma chamberlain

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Sabrina Cornellier
*emma is a mood*
Madison Lewis
U should of posted the first one bc when u were with ur family it was halariouse 😭😂💙❤️
Fatima Al Zaabi
okay but emma in black hair is flames idc
Mackenzie Nicole Mathes
are your parents divorced ???
Ines Cik
You year ago from those pictures reminds me of Maddie Ziegler for some reason. 😃
Sam Saunders
idk why ethan pretending to be a ghost fucking sent me
Alexia Marie
When you put the freckles on you looked like arthur from arthur christmas😂😭
Kirstyn Willoby
I'm blonde

I just got roasted by Emma Chamberlain for three minutes straight 😭
Alexa Yo girl
Yasss qweeeen
Ryan Richard
2:52 welcome to the set of the old cooking with emma
melody dash
she should post the makeup video I would watch that shit.
Νικολέτα Καραουλάνη
The person who asked her about the macaroni is Ethan....

Becky Swqaer
I locked my self out of my iPad
Becky Swqaer
you should do another meat challenge like VEGETARIAN TRIES MEAT FOR THE FIRST TIME except you have to eat meat for the whole day without spitting it out like go to dinner and eat shrimp or a bells burrito with rice chicken (the best chicken) cheese and cheese dip and black beans ( if you want) ps my name is Nora and I hate punctuation
Bernadine Noonan
"you're never satisfied Emma" - her mom🤣🤣
Mia Kio
I’m going through a hard thing with my best friend and you me laugh when I’m balling my eyes out
olivia rose
“Your never satisfied Emma” lmfaoooooo😂😂
Grayce Bunten
20:24 21:34 .. ethan ?
emma: "i look bad, really bad"
me internally: "boo stfu you're beautiful and i love you"
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